Call assembly session to discuss governments act: Mukesh Agnihotri

Agnihotri is Leader of Opposition in the state assembly

Call assembly session to discuss governments act: Mukesh Agnihotri

Dharamshala: Leader of opposition in the state assembly, Mukesh Agnihotri lashed out at the Chief Minister and the state government. Questioning the Chief Minister's visit to Kangra, Agnihotri said that the head of the government was imparting knowledge of Safety of Corona from Shimla to the people, but he himself visited Kangra and now the government, ministers and officials are all confused. He said that When the Congress protested over it, cases were filed against Congress protesters, but the Chief Minister and BJP leaders violated the rules and now the result of the visit is clear, BJP leaders, ministers and their staff are being found infected. In a way, the BJP government is now spreading corona in the state.

Addressing a press conference in Dharamshala on Thursday Agnihotri said that the government’s money was earlier wasted in virtual rallies during the epidemic and now it is being wasted by lying foundation stones. He said that according to BJP, it did a lot to deal with Corona, whereas these are all false claims and the truth is that the government has put the people in danger.
Agnihotri said, “The government raised a lot of money during the Corona period, but there is no clear account of it. Some unconstitutional people plundered in the name of Corona. Today hospitals are in a bad shape but the government has no idea about this. People are dying due to lack of treatment, who is responsible for it?”

Agnihotri said, “suicides are on increase in Himachal. There are 2000 suicide cases during Jai Ram Thakur’s tenure so far, 475 suicides in this year during corona pandemic, its count has reached more than 100 a month which means 3 plus suicide cases a day in the small state of HP. Around 1000 rape cases were registered during this government’s tenure , But the government has no time  even to express grief over these issues.”

He added that the Chief Minister and the Minister do not discuss these matters. He asked -Why did the government not reveal the truth on ex BJP state president Rajiv Bindal’s resignation? Why the government changed the portfolios of ministers in the middle of tenure? The government should make the information public. “It takes time to understand a department but then changing the department means starting from zero. Today the Himachal is in a state of undeclared emergency.”

Agnihotri asked the state government to call an assembly session so that everything could be discussed.