Budget Reactions - IFIM Business School


“The budget focussed on firing up the economy by increasing the spending power of the population and by creating employment opportunities for the masses through infrastructure spends. This time the budget did take into cognizance the need for educational reforms and it was nice to hear that the government is soon going to come out with reforms in UGC. The allocated spends for education were enhanced by 9% when compared to last year, however this spend is not going to be enough to meet the educational needs of the country. The government on the other hand has once again focussed significantly on enhancing skills, this implies that they are more concerned with employability of our large youth base and this is definitely a step in the right direction.
The mention of “Swayam” project for providing access to 350 courses delivered by the best faculty in the country for the masses clearly implies that the Government is keen to leverage use of technology to address the education needs of the country.
The mention of grant of autonomy to accredited and ranked colleges is a welcome move as it will bring relief to quality educational institutions from administrative and procedural work. This will also help them innovate and make their respective curriculums relevant to the needs of the society”.

- Sanjay Padode, Secretary, CDE, IFIM Institutions

Thursday, February 2, 2017