Bubble-Making And Sprouts Salad Activity By Pre-Wing Dhilwan


photo: city air news

Jalandhar, December 21, 2016: Recently –DIPS Dhilwan organised an activity of Bubble-making and preparing of sprouts Salad under the leadership and guidance of Mr.Shanti Sharma (Principal) and Ms.Sucheta (In charge pre wing). The first activity was concerned with educating the students regarding bubble-formation by utilizing water, shop and shampoo being mixed together children enjoyed this activity a lot and this enthused a spirit of fun and frolic amongst them. In the second activity students were given knowledge of preparing salad from sprouts. Children were educate regarding health-benefits of such salads. The principal of the institution Mr. shanty Kumar Sharma educated the students regarding the various benefit they would derive from the intake of such protein-rich diets. He also shared his views that such activities encourage a spirit of team-work and boost the morale of the children.

Thursday, December 22, 2016