Book on thoughts and quotes ‘Unlayered’ launched at Oxford Bookstore

Authored by Priyanka Dewan, a legal professional, a beauty pageant winner, and now an author

Book on thoughts and quotes ‘Unlayered’ launched at Oxford Bookstore

New Delhi, September 1, 2022: With her advent into writing, author Priyanka releases her book titled ‘Unlayered’, which is an endeavor to reflect reflections on various facets of life in a relatable manner. The intent is to give a literary treat to the readers on everyday aspects that intrigue the spark of thoughtfulness. The book has been launched on August 31 by the Oxford Bookstore, New Delhi.  The book is an endeavour to share some insights into perspectives of life that will enable one to stay positive and appreciate the beauty of life in all its glory. 

Born and brought up in Delhi, Priyanka believes she is a quintessential contemporary Indian woman.. She is a lawyer by profession, with a litigation background and vast experience as a corporate lawyer. She also holds a senior Diploma in Hindustani Classical Music from the reputed Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad. She has won the title of ‘Mrs Royal India Universe International First Princess 2018’ and has also been crowned ‘Mrs. Top Asia’ at a global beauty pageant titled Woman of the Universe 2019.held in the Dominican Republic. 

She has been keenly involved in various activities, the most recent being the influencer, energy division for Womennovator, an initiative supported by the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises for providing a platform to women entrepreneurs. She has also been awarded ‘Social Influencer and Corporate Lawyer’ at the Women’s Conclave and Award 2019, honoring the 51 most influential women, held in December 2019 in New Delhi.

Sharing her thoughts on the launch of this book, Priyanka said, “Your self-realizations happen when they are meant to be. It’s just that sometimes in this fast pacing life, in order to cope up with those mundane activities, we forget to cogitate to find out the purpose of our lives. We become oblivious to our blessings in those ups and downs of life. There’s nothing to feel guilty about any of it though because that’s why we are humans. We only need to reminisce that we have travelled lifetimes to be here… in this journey… in this moment. After a fall, a rise is the only consequence. The life we are living is our will, and the destiny that’s destined is our choice. It was in this transition that I happened to write these soulful quotations. I call them soulful because these renditions helped my restless soul settle in the body for which it was made.”

The book aims to resonate with all sorts of readers and is not confined to the taste of philosophical readers only.

The collection of quotes has been kept as it was written to depict the sincerity of the author’s frame of reference, encountering the all-encompassing thoughts, through life’s events, and learning lessons life brought her way. Quotes are deliberately kept on all topics so that the readers find them intriguing and interesting. Besides, the length of the quote also varies depending on their theme so that there’s no monotony. The flow is kept random so that each message is self-sufficient in itself and gets the reader to think!