BJP Mahila Morcha hold protests against Congress government

Capt Amarinder Singh drowned Punjab in drugs: Ekta Munjal 

BJP Mahila Morcha hold protests against Congress government

Ferozepur: Directly blaming the Punjab government for the tragic death of 116 people in Punjab due to poisonous liquor, BJP Mahila Morcha district President Ekta Munjal today said that CM Capt Amarinder Singh himself was responsible for the deaths of 116 people as he did not handle his department properly. 


Mahila Morcha President Ekta Munjal said that the Congress CM Amarinder Singh swore falsely before the elections that he would eradicate drugs from Punjab in 7 days. 

While taking seriously the demand of Indian women to impose ban on use of drugs as an election issue at the national and state level, Ekta Manjal said that a group of women  should be included.  On the occasion, BJP District President Surinder Singh Bagge Ke Pipple said that the case should be investigated by the CBI.  District President Ferozepur  also said that complete ban on drugs should be implemented in Punjab. 

BJP General Secretary Rajesh Kapoor and Press Secretary Jimmy Sandhu Renuka Atwal Shakti Chopra Chhinder Kaur Parkash Kaur Komal Kanchan Sharma Poonam Gagan Poonam Mehta etc. were also present on this occasion.