Bengaluru woman with no job or savings feeds 400 plus stray dogs

She is very positive about finding help

Bengaluru woman with no job or savings feeds 400 plus stray dogs
Jeny Leon.

51-year-old Jeny Leon was an IT professional in Bengaluru. Passionate about the welfare of animals, Jeny has been rescuing and feeding strays across the streets of the city for the last few decades. She presently feeds over 400 dogs.Unfortunately, as the recent pandemic took its toll on the job sector, she lost her job and her only source of income. Jeny had to make a tough choice when she was suddenly left with no job or income.

Even now, 6 months since she lost her job, Jenny continues to rescue, feed and ensure medical attention for voiceless and ailing stray animals. She, in fact, started feeding twice the number of dogs she used to earlier, since the recent global crisis reduced their sources of food as well. Until September, Jeny selflessly used up her savings to extend her care to stray animals across the city.  

With no source of income or additional savings, her household bills and expenses continue to pile up, while she works relentlessly, doing the work of her 4 helpers and herself, to ensure that the lives of the rescued animals are on the highest priority. Today, Jeny has run out of all means to continue the work she has been doing, but she knows that without her, most of these animals would lose their lives.

Not ready to give in to tough times, Jeny has started an online fundraiser on Milaap. She is very positive about finding help. In her words, “When I was feeding strays, there are times when people have thrown stones at me, but the only thing that I believe in is that ‘Love begets love’.”