Become a Trendsetter at College - with Monte Carlo’s latest range


New Delhi: Entering college life is not just about choosing an academic field and crafting a career; it is also about picking new friends, attending parties and making your own fashion statement!
With colleges set to re-open and welcome thousands of new ‘grown ups’ into their ranks, Monte Carlo has curated outfits for the youngsters to enable them to add elegance, glamour, élan and effortless style to their wardrobes.
So, if you want to make your mark in college as a ‘fashionista’, make sure you check Monte Carlo’s capsule collection and add a new dash of vibrancy to your dressing. From casual T shirts, polo tees, capris and tops to elegant kurtis and dresses, the collection offers a complete solution to your college needs – from daily college wear to special occasion outfits to party wear.
The new range features dress styles exclusively designed keeping the latest youth trends in mind.
Summer shrugs, dresses, shrugs, denim shirts, polo t-shirts, digital print kurtis, crop tops, tees and shorts are some attractive options for girls. On the other hand, boys can choose from a wide variety of denims, cotton shirts in cool colour palette, polo t-shirts, graphic prints tees, lowers and Bermudas.
“Young college goers today are much more aware of fashion trends and in-vogue styles, thanks to wide exposure to the entertainment and fashion industry. As much are they excited to bid adieu to school and start a more independent life as an adult, they are equally concerned about navigating the fashion-conscious gazes of their peers. Right clothes and dresses can make a huge impact on the confidence of young students. Our college wear range has therefore been specifically designed keeping in mind the preferences of the fashion-conscious generation. Providing a wide range of options to choose from, our collection takes care of comfort, style, protection and appeal for all the college goers,” said Ms Monica Oswal, Executive Director, Monte Carlo.
Monte Carlo has created a niche for itself in the apparel market and is winning the loyalty of new customers, with its wide range of contemporary clothes lines.

Friday, July 28, 2017