"Bechara Pappu"- A cartoon strip by Manoj Dhiman


Ludhiana-based journalist Manoj Dhiman has created a cartoon strip titled "Bechara Pappu". It was uploaded on City Air News YouTube Channel on December 7, 2017 (Readers may watch this cartoon strip that has been made available along with this news report. The length of this cartoon strip is 2 minutes 56 seconds. Dhiman is not a professional cartoonist. Still, he made efforts for his creativity. It may be mentioned here that Dhiman, during his childhood, had been making cartoons that had appeared in various dailies such as Hind Samachar, Daily Jag Bani, Daily Punjab Kesari (Jalandhar), Daily Vir Pratap, and magazines such as Lot Pot. His other creative works had also appeared in Dainik Tribune, The Tribune etc. Dhiman has made recent cartoon strip "Bechara Pappu" after decades-long passage. This cartoon strip is based on conversation between teacher and his student. The conversation takes place in the Hindi language.

Friday, December 8, 2017