Bajwa fears skeletons tumbling out of his cupboard: SAD


Akali leaders addressing a press conference at Chandigarh on Monday.

Chandigarh, January 13, 2014: The Shiromani Akali Dal said here today that the PPCC president Partap Singh Bajwa was trying to provide a political escape route to a trapped drug lord, Jagdish Singh Bhola, as Bajwa feared that more skeletons may tumble out of his cupboard.
The Congress is speaking through a person who is the political overlord chosen by the dangerous mafia to lend social respectability and legal cover  to the drug dons. The SAD is not surprised that Bhola, Congress and PPCC president Bajwa are singing the same tune.”
Opening a frontal assault on Bajwa, the Akali leaders levelled certain allegations of serious nature against him
The SAD leaders also produced what they called  “clinching evidence” of the political cover provided to Bhola by the successive Congress governments in and outside Punjab, whenever  the SAD-BJP government got after him .   “Bhola was first nabbed by the SAD-BJP government as far back as 2001 when he was arrested with a truck of poppy husk (Bhukki) nabbed by the Punjab Police in Rampura Phool. But as soon as the Congress government took over in 2002, with Bajwa as a powerful minister, Bhola was exonerated and released. The same year, he was nabbed in Mumbai with 26 kgs of heroin. He remained behind bars and shared the cell with dangerous criminals like Abu Salem, only to be let off, again by a Congress government in Maharshtra. Under the SAD-BJP Government, the Punjab Police had been on his trail  for nearly 11 months, and finally nabbed him after a persistent chase.”
In  a significant reference to the credibility of the CBI, the Akali leaders lashed out against Bajwa’s desperate demand for “honouring the wishes of a criminal like Bhola on a probe by the central agency.” The CBI’s credibility needs no comment after the Supreme Court indicted it as a “caged parrot of Government of India”.
The Akali leaders said that the Congress governments have a habit of targeting their political rivals by misusing the CBI on the eve of elections. “They misuse the CBI both to implicate their rivals as also to exonerate those willing to play ball. There is nothing new in this and therefore nothing surprising in the Congress demand for a CBI probe.
“But Bajwa is motivated at a personal level and for personal reasons also, he fears that any investigation by the Punjab Police may lead to his door. …..”
The SAD leaders also ridiculed Bajwa’s hue and cry in support of Bhola’s allegations against Bikram Singh Majithia. “Forget Punjab Police. Four different independent central agencies dealing with drug crimes have interrogated Bhola. In none of these interrogations did he name anyone from the SAD-BJP Government. Suddenly, on a tip from his political overlord Bajwa, he decides to name Majithia. Bajwa  thought that this ploy would work because Majithia is not only a minister but also a brother in law of the Deputy CM, who holds the Home Portfolio and who had exposed Bajwa’s illegal land dealings. Unfortunately for Bajwa, nobody believes Bhola, who is responsible for ruining the lives of countless Punjabi youth,” said Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa, BalwinderSingh Bhunder and Maheshiner Singh Grewal  at a press conference here this afternoon.
The leaders said clearly getting instructions from his political boss, he tried various well thought out tricks. He first tried to unsuccessfully bribe his way through, when that did not work, he then blamed the police for having taken 25 crores hoping that the state govt would change the investigating team where he may have better luck. When that ploy also failed, Bhola was asked by his political boss in sheer desperation to name a minister of the SAD-BJP government, in a clearly orchestrated move to politicise the issue and derail the investigation so that he can again find an escape route though the congress controlled investigating agency.
It seems too much of a coincidence that Jagmeet Singh Brar of the Congress should file a PIL asking for a CBI inquiry on the same day as Bhola comes out with the statement to the press on Bikram Singh Majithia asking for a CBI inquiry and within an hour of his statement Bajwa, PPCC president starts the agitations demanding a CBI inquiry, thus providing an escape route to Bhola and to hide his links with the drug underworld that he may disclose.
The leaders descried Bajwa’s allegations against Bikram Singh Majithia as “obviously motivated but utterly ridiculous”, and said, “Will the Punjab government wage a war against drugs and drug dons if it had anything to fear from their exposures? Would a government whose ministers have links with Drug Dons nab and prosecute the same criminals. Has Bajwa really lost his sanity to make allegations that are ridiculous even to someone  with an average IQ? There is a clear “nexus” fully exposed by the sequence of events, they alleged.
The Akali leaders said that  the Congress party  “is  guilty of playing with the lives of the Punjabi youth, first during militancy and now through the deadly menace of drugs. On the contrary, SAD-BJP Government’s commitment to rid the state and its youth of the most deadly drug menace is complete and unswerving,” said the Akali leaders, adding that this was borne out by facts that the average of drug seizures per year were nearly sixteen times  more during the last two years of the SAD-BJP govt compared with the average of drug seizures per year of five years of the Congress government.
The SAD  reiterated that the war on drugs will carry on, undeterred by people like Bajwa.  “Nothing will deter us from this commitment. We are answerable not to political bosses of drug lords but to millions and millions of children and their  mothers and fathers. We know how this drug menace is ruining the lives of so many of our dearest children. We have a responsibility towards their parents. And we have a responsibility towards history. Bajwa is a non-entity in this commitment, “said the Akali leaders.  // punjab news live, punjab news online, punjab news, punjab news headlines, punjab breaking news, india news, punjab news, Chandigarh news online,  Chandigarh news in English, Chandigarh news,  Chandigarh current news,  Chandigarh news live, Chandigarh breaking news, Chandigarh headlines, Chandigarh latest news,


Monday, January 13, 2014