Aykai Hospital with FICCI FLO Ludhiana celebrates world organ donation day 

Dr Baldev Singh Aulakh cleared all myths regarding Organ Donations during the Webinar

Aykai Hospital with FICCI FLO Ludhiana celebrates world organ donation day 

Ludhiana: On Organ Donation Day (13th August) Aykai Hospital, in partnership with FICCI FLO (Ludhiana), organized a campaign to create awareness about Organ Donation and encourage people to sign up as organ donors. Possibly for first time in India a Micro forest is being created to felicitate organ donors for coming forward and donating their organ courageously. Dr Baldev Singh Aulakh (Chief Urologist and Transplant Surgeon, Aykai hospital)spoke on the occasion and have only one vision to make more life-saving transplant possible and appeals to people to sign up as an organ donor.

Did you know that one organ donor can save up to eight lives? And that could be extremely helpful given the fact that it is estimated that there are over 200,000 patients in our country who need kidney transplant, 100,000 need a liver, 50000 a heart, 20000 a lung informed Dr.Aulakh .But have any of their own family members pledged to donate their organs

IRS officer Rohit Mehra, Chief guest on the occasion and his wife Geetanjali Mehra, the environmentalist couple/Green Couple, who have created Panchvati concept for Aykai hospital, also spoke about the importance of organ donation Focusing on sensitizing the nation about the need of stepping up to donate organs for saving lives.

As a tribute to donors, a humble attempt was made by FICCI FLO Ludhiana under the leadership of Flo Ludhiana Chairperson Mannat Kothari and social welfare Arm Abhiman FLO Ludhiana head Aman Sandhu

Through this global initiative, they aim to bring about a positive change to the current transplant scenario by inspiring people to pledge for organ donation and bridge the huge gap between need and availability!.

Dr. Baldev Singh Aulakh cleared all myths regarding Organ Donations during the Webinar. He explained all the Steps of Organ Donation. He explained the entire process from pledging the Organ Donation till that donated Organ is utilized.. All the Questions were answered and many participants showed interest in Organ donation .

Event concluded with plantation of Trees and creation of Micro Forest and all the attendees from FLO Ludhiana and Staff took pledge for Organ donation . Aykai Hospital through his state-of-the-art procedures for kidney transplant, Liver Transplant, Cadaver Renal transplant, Cadaver-donor kidney transplants, Living donor kidney transplants (from both related and unrelated donors) will always strive to Eradicate the diseases of Kidney and Liver, helping patient from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.

The donor card for pledging our organs and tissues, made during our lifetime, has no legal standing. Making a pledge is not mandatory for donation but it does help the family in making a choice in difficult times. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that at the time of signing up for organ donation, one shares the decision with family members. Nevertheless, even if a person who is brain dead has pledged his organs for donation, the final decision rests with the family. They have the power to overrule his/her decision.