Avon Cycles organises ‘Health & Wellness Session Together’ on International Yoga Day


Ludhiana, June 21, 2016: On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Avon Cycles Limited in association with Sutlej Club organised a Yoga gathering.
The programme was performed by Dhyaan Foundation and the gathering was planned on the ground of Sutlej Club. The yoga session started at 5:30 AM till 7:30 AM.
The disciples of Dhyaan Foundation took active interest in promoting Yoga and performed many ‘asana’ to help people understand the best way to keep fit and healthy.
Film actress & Former Miss India Ms Nikita Anand and Mr Shivam Channa also graced the event with their presence and demonstrated the Yoga asana that they follow.
Individuals from across the city made their way to the Yoga programme and learnt about the benefits of Yoga in daily life. Being scientifically acclaimed as a physical, mental and spiritual practice, Yoga does not just keep one healthy but also helps in slowing aging. Commenting in the art of Yoga, member of Dhyaan Foundation, Mr. Ajeet Lakra said, “Yoga is a Vedic Martial Art”. Also, present at the event were Joint Secretary, Dr. Manoj Sobti ; General Secretary, Ms.Ruchi Bawa and Sports Secretary, Mr Vivek Sharma.
Avon Cycles Limited has always promoted healthy lifestyle. With this intend we showcased our range of bicycles on the premises of the Yoga session. We also encouraged visitors to indulge in cycling as a vigorous workout, benefitting both health and the environment. Members of Avon Cycles who visited the program were Marketing manager, Mr. Harish Ahuja; GM Sales & Marketing, Mr. Manoj Arora and Senior Sales Manager, Mr. Sulekh Khaushik. Speaking about wellness Mr. Ahuja said, “Yoga is one of the best way to ensure a healthy and fit life. Similarly, cycling is another way where you can gain a healthy lifestyle while also contributing towards the betterment of the environment. Therefore, everyone should make Yoga and cycling a part of their life”.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016