Attention to health, hygiene and home cleaning vital in August


Ludhiana, August 3: “Heat and humidity in August lead to breeding of various types of insects and mosquitoes. Common diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid, dengue and malaria fever spread in this weather. Moreover, children suffer from prickly heat, skin rashes and boils,” said the home scientists of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) while urging the home makers to pay attention to the household activities.

 Providing preventive measures for health and hygiene, Dr Kirti Grover advised the people not to use contaminated water and maintain proper personal hygiene and environmental sanitation. She emphasized, “Drink boiled water in this weather, get proper vaccination done, avoid eating outside, avoid storing water in open containers, don’t let water accumulate anywhere, keep the drains free from chokes and top up all defected ground surfaces to prevent accumulation of stagnant water.”  Dr Grover stressed on drinking safe and clean water to avoid ailments, dehydration and loss of electrolytes during diarrhea. 

 Referring to the care of children, Dr Sukhminder Kaur said that to protect the child from prickly heat and itching, apply rose water with cotton buds on affected areas after bathing and clean it. Multani Mitti is also effective and relieves the child of itching and irritation, she told, advising that wet diapers of babies must be changed immediately to avoid diaper rash. Suggesting serving the children with the home-cooked food, Dr Kaur told the parents to boil few tulsi or mint leaves daily in the milk or tea, given to the children, as they help the body to fight against malaria fever and indigestion.

Laying thrust on home cleaning, Dr Surinderjit Kaur suggested home makers to place camphor balls and dry neem leaves in the cupboards or cabinets as they absorb moisture and are effective against insects. She advised, “If books have a musty odour and are damp, sprinkle talcum powder between the pages to absorb moisture and odour. After 2-3 h, brush off the talcum powder and musty smell will disappear. Due to high humidity, bathroom floors or kitchen sinks get slippery. For this, apply a thick paste of chuna (lime), rub the surface and wash it off.” Always use soft, dry cloth to clean the wooden surfaces, she emphasized.

Giving tips for care of clothes and shoes, Dr Harinder Saggu said that never starch clothes or dupattas in this weather and that avoid keeping starched clothes in the almirah or cupboard. If the leather shoes are under fungus attack, scrub them well using an old toothbrush and soap jelly. After brushing, keep the shoes under fan or out in the sunlight for drying, she added.