Anurag questions Virbhadra’s intentions over shifting of venue of T20 match


Dharamsala, March 14, 2016: Anurag Singh Thakur, MP Hamirpur questioned Virbhadra Singh’s intentions in the wake of shift in the venue India-Pakistan World Cup T20 match. “Fake concern, untruthful love for the people and bogus promises is what truly define Congress party and Virbhadra Singh is no different. Proving his personal political agenda stands greater than the welfare of the common people has been depicted well given the shift of India – Pakistan World T20 match,” said Anuraag in a press release in Dharamsala on Monday.
Unearthing the real picture, Thakur said, “If it was for the love of people, then to begin with Virbhadra Singh would have visited the martyrs’ families when the unfortunate attacks in Pathankot took place. It is extremely sad to see that he bears the audacity to play with the emotions of martyrs’ families in order to lead a political agenda. The testimony of his fakeness can be witnessed from several self-contradictory statements issued by him in public towards the India-Pakistan match.”
“My intentions from day one have been extremely clear. I still standby what I said that a bilateral series between the two countries is not possible till the time tension between the two Nations reduces. However, this match was a part of a significant World Cup series, which would have highlighted the State on the global map. Additionally, this would have meant economic development for the State not only during the World Cup but also open up avenues for tourism in future. However, it is extremely unfortunate that the Chief Minister of the State did not consider the welfare of the people and instead chose to ride a personal political agenda. I am sure he does not have answers to my questions and thereby has been pronouncing that he is not answerable to me. But he is indeed answerable to the people of Himachal Pradesh who have incurred huge losses because of their own Chief Minister.”

Monday, March 14, 2016