Aniket a guiding force for his friends


Tere Liye Bro (L-R) Actor Prabal Punjabi, Actor Pranay Pachauri, Actor Nikhil Khurana.

With a gripping storyline, bindass’ on-going series TereLiye Bro is gaining momentum with every episode. Aniket’s sudden demise in the series has left his best friends shattered, but moving on, they decide to let go of the hollowness of his death and set out on an adventurous journey. Anika, Farhan and Vineet are planning to fulfil their best buddy’s bucket list and in doing so, the trio are seen rediscovering themselves. Every step that they take towards a new direction reminds them of Aniket and his positive influence on them.

Anika, Vineet and Farhaan are making sure that they spend maximum time together to tick off all the items from Aniket’s bucket list. They realise what their friend was all about and the unconditional love he had for them. The one thing that Aniket would whole heartedly want is peace between his two friends - Vineet and Farhan who’ve always had their differences.

Will the upcoming episode see Aniket’s two friends bind together or will they still choose to be on paths which are parallel but never congregate?

To see what is in store, stay tuned to the upcoming episode of Tere Liye Bro on Friday at 7 pm only on bindass linear and digital platforms.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017