AK Mishra’s Art of Success Seminar held at Amity University, Noida


New Delhi, April 9, 2015: After a huge success with Radio Amity talk session, Success Guru AK Mishra injected amazing skills in students of living a successful life with his mesmerizing talk session held in collaboration with Amity University at F-2 Auditorium, Amity, on 7th April 2015. AK Mishra talked to communication students on the closest topic to his heart “Take Charge of Life”, which is also the Foundation Course of AK Mishra’s Art of Success. During the seminar, he shared his vision towards life which has taken him to his ultimate destination, and how people can become the master of their destiny by just reviving the belief on oneself.

The Auditorium was filled with overwhelmed number of students with so much enthusiasm. With the flow of seminar, students became so indulged into the session and shared their deep desires &the concerns, whereas, Success Guru AK Mishra, using his skills of great understanding of Human behaviour, provided solutions to the concerns by narrating many inspirational stories, showing movie clips and by explaining motivational incidents.

According to him success is an art which can be learnt by understanding some fundamental rules and could be developed into habit with sincere and regular practice of those rules. “Success is not one time achievement but a continuous process for higher goals” he explained during the Seminar.

Success Guru AK Mishra motivated the audience by prodding them to understand the purpose of their lives and how one gets astray from the same due to continuous conditioning of our minds right from our childhood. He urged every one present to dream big and constantly remind oneself that we are born for a definitive purpose. Once we find the purpose of our life, we need to work in the right direction gathering right information and developing skills for the same. It is then that we’ll see the whole universe coming together to translate our dreams into reality.

True to its aim, his Take Charge of Life session truly inspired the students at Amity University; to not be a follower, instead blaze a new path, make a definite and sharp vision, then walk towards the destination keeping behind the negative line of thoughts materializes by others during the journey towards your success. AK Mishra said, Everyone speaks his/her experience, so if someone says that you can’t do it, remember, the person is saying because he/she could not do it, therefore, just simply say, “You just wait and watch”, I will achieve it, I can do it, I will do it, because I believe in myself. Make your belief system and your will power so strong, that no hurdles can dare to break it, Said by AK Mishra. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015