AITUC centenary celebrations held in Ludhiana

Says, time to unite in strength to thwart anti worker policies of government  

AITUC centenary celebrations held in Ludhiana

Ludhiana: To remember the glorious history of the first central trade union of the country the All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) a convention was held on the theme workers struggle – Past, Present and Future. Various speakers in the convention remembering the struggle of the Indian working class in the movement of freedom of the country from the British imperialists said that it is these struggles against the oppressive colonial regime  that united the workers around the country who where at that time engaged in their sectorial struggles for their demands under the banner of AITUC. The first conference was held on 31st October 1920 in Bombay which was presided over by great legendary Shaheed Lala Lajpat Rai. The workers continued the struggle in the post independence period to build  a secular democratic self-reliant country and for their rights to unionise, equal wage for equal work, security of job and special rights to women workers. But the workers are faced with a serious challenge in the history again because the country is now being ruled by those who never participated in the freedom movement rather connived with the British empire.  Whereas on one hand the workers rights are being taken away through ordinances, on the other hand all the secular and democratic values, constitutional obligations and institutions are being undermined. The government is not keeping even its commitments given in the international forums and international labour organisations. The four anti worker acts  passed in the Parliament without any debate is a blatant example of this. The working hours are being changed from  to 12, occupational safety net for the workers is being weakened and their fundamental rights to protest and strike is being taken away. Workers are realising this and uniting more than ever before. 

Dr Joginder Dayal, leader of Punjab Kisan Sabha said that the government is totally anti farmers. The agriculture bills passed in Parliament is a  death warrant for the farmers. The farmers have realised this and are protesting but the government totally apathetic towards them. Instead of talking to them the government is acting against the interest of the state by not restoring the goods trains and also denying the rural development fund.  

The worker farmers united actions are a big hope for the struggle against anti people policies of the RSS patronised BJP government. Com Hardev Arshi former MLA said that the workers are now opposing the governments total sell out of Indian economy to the foreign and local monopoly houses. These are serious times for the nation because the government is so apathetic  that they are least concern about the peoples problems during the COVID crisis instead they are using it to crush the democratic movements.  D P Maur – Senior Vice President AITUC Punjab, said that the AITUC in coordination with other central trade unions will make the nationwide trike on 26th November a success. Ramesh Rattan – President AITUC Ludhiana, and Com Vijay Kumar, Secretary AITUC Ludhiana said that they will ensure that workers a in large number in the strike on 26th November. Com Gulzar Goria – General Secretary BKMU said that agriculture workers are an integral part of AITUC.  
Veteran trade union leaders Comrades Ismail Khan, Jagat Ram, Suhash Chander, B M Fredrick, Charan Sarabha, Gurnam Gill, Sukhdev Ram Sukhi, Harjinder Singh Seelon were honoured on the occasion for their contributions.  
Others who addressed include Comrades M S Bhatia – Deputy General Secretary Ludhiana, Charan Sarabha, Dr Arun Mitra,    Sarabjeet Sarhali,, sukhwinder Lotey, Jagdish chand, Paramjeet Singh . 

The convention was presided over by Comrades Ramesh Rattan, Gurmail Meldey, Balbir Kaur, Kewa Singh Banwait, Chmkaur Singh.