Ahmadiyya Muslim Community conducted Peace Symposium, addressed by eminent speakers from different faiths


Hyderabad, March 27, 2017: The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community held its Annual Regional Peace Symposium, under the banner ‘World Peace – The Critical Need of the Hour’ at Hotel Marigold, Begumpet. The Symposium continued till late into the night on Sunday.

Over 350 people from attended it from various walks of life, Backgrounds and faiths.

The Guest Speakers included Padmasree Ananda Jayant, Rector, JNTU– Mr. Ramana Rao, Editor-in-Chief Mr.Nageshwar Rao, Philanthropist Ms.Nilanjana Sanyal, various other Academicians, Administrators, Political Leaders, Journalists, Artists and Representatives from the Hindu Samaj, Sikh community, Christian faith, Sant Nirankari and Brahma Kumari communities.

In his address, Professor Nageshwar Rao highlighted the importance of respecting Diversity and restoration of Constitutional rights. He said all major discords have arisen due to 5 major monopolies – 1. Monopoly of Business 2. Monopoly of Capital 3. Monopoly of Science & Technology 4. Monopoly of Human & Natural Resources and 5. monopoly of Weapons of Mass Destruction. He said if these were addressed, the world could have averted major wars it has seen so far.

The program started with Recitation of verses from the Holy Quran followed by a few introductory speeches about the community and its contributions worldwide. A documentary show-casing its initiatives and works of his Holiness, Hazrath Mirza Masroor Ahmad – the Fifth Caliph was played which included glimpses of his address to World leaders and Parliaments including Capitol Hill, UK House of Commons and the Canadian Parliament. It also brought out his peace initiatives through his letters addressed to leaders of major countries like Iran, Russia, US, Israel, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia and many others.

Followed by an address by the District President, Mr. Azmath Ghori, Guest Speaker, Padmasree Ananda Jayant addressed the gathering In which she highlighted the need to Respect and fulfill each other’s rights. She said Peace should flow from within – Not forced from outside. She highlighted the need to reform our mindsets and kill negativity.

Mr. N V Ramana Rao, Rector JNTU, said all of us should build and inculcate an attitude of ‘Live and Let Live’. We should serve Humanity as ‘Service to Humanity is Service to God’. He corroborated the Islamic teaching that Cruelty also should not be replied with Cruelty.

Monday, March 27, 2017