Agriculture department cautions farmers against attack of yellow rust on wheat crop

Chandigarh, January 8, 2015: The Punjab Government has cautioned the farmers of state against the attack of yellow rust on wheat crop as sudden climatic changes could trigger this especially in wheat crop of non-recommended seeds that could have been affected by stripe rust and yellow rust .The disease appears in the form of yellow stripes on wheat cause of cold temperature with intermittent rains.
Punjab Agriculture Minister Tota Singh said that expert treatment is necessary to avoid yellow rust of wheat crop in the state .He said that he has got reports that it began from December and January and had affected the yield of wheat in district Rupnagar, Hushiarpur, Gurdaspur and Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar. He said that It has become a common issue in wheat cultivation while experts has already given various suggestions to avoid problem of yellow rust before sowing the crop of rabbi season.
He further said that this disease has effect yield losses up to 70% of wheat cultivation..The need of hour to stop using the some seed varieties, there was a impact of yellow rust. These varieties should not be grown mainly in sub-mountain areas and it could be better to understanding proper timing of spray 200 ML propiconazole per acre . Divulging more information he said sometimes deficiency of sulphur, zinc, nitrogen in wheat crop affects the yield whereas farmers doubtfully sprayed pesticides which increase the expenses of farming. If farmer has found any type of yellow leafs in their crops then they should have excavate the plant from crop with the sample of soil and go to the experts for testing and as per advised by experts, they should spray the crops properly.
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Thursday, January 8, 2015