An Adventure Camp and an overnight camp held at Ivy World School


Kids participate in an Adventure Camp and an overnight camp being held at Ivy World School, Jalandhar.

Jalandhar: Ivy World School believes in creating a transformed leader, one who discovers his ‘ self’ in the true sense through experiencing real adventure , facing challenges and overcoming obstacles through a fine blend of risk taking and virtue management based on set goals.
Camaraderie and excitement should be a part of everyone’s life. These virtues not only make us confident but also help us to be physically and mentally fit. Keeping this in mind, an Adventure Camp and an overnight camp was held at Ivy World School. The camp was held with a motto of instilling an air of curiosity and adventure! Students came together to relax after the rigorous efforts put in for their final exams. The activities conducted helped them to gain physical and psychological strength. The camp truly exhibited their enthusiasm and passion for these fun filled activities and acted as a stress buster for the students as they danced to the latest music enjoying a bonfire.
Adventure camps like these provide new experiences, and help children discover in themselves newfound confidence and strength. They learn how to trust their instincts and each other as they work together to explore, problem-solve, and achieve common goals. Truly an empowering experience for all!

Friday, March 24, 2017