Actor Praneet Bhatt Enters Trideviyaan as Magician Kilmish


Magician Kilmish (Praneet Bhatt) along with the Trideviyaan.

It seems like the problems in the life of Chauhans are never ending. The latest trouble in their life is the evil magician Kilmish, the character is portrayed by none other than the famous actor Praneet Bhatt. Trideviyaan which airs from Monday to Friday at 9.30pm on Sony SAB, is yet to face another difficult task in the upcoming track.
Kilmish is impressed by the extraordinary work and special skills used by Trideviyaan and therefore decides to hypnotize them to make them rob a bank. The girls are sent to jail while attempting to rob the bank. Kilmish is a magician who hypnotizes people but at the same time he is also very clumsy. When he tries a particular magic he tends to goof up, this makes his character very funny. His style of translating Hindi lines into literal English is going to be hilarious! Also with regard to his magic skills, for instance if he wants to present a pigeon out of nowhere, he will end up presenting a big rat or if he wants to present a vase, he ends up presenting a dangerous bomb. Praneet aka Kilmish enters the show with a hidden agenda which is certainly not to entertain the viewers with his magician skill but with his evil plans instead.
Magician Kilmish is very revengeful and when anyone tries to mess with him, he takes revenge by converting them into another gender or another living form.
What is the reason for Kilmish to target the Chauhans? Will he succeed in his evil agenda?
Actor Praneet Bhatt essaying the role of Kilmish says, “I always wanted to work with SAB TV for comedy and feels extremely lucky to be a part of Trideviyaan. The storyline of the show is very unique. My character has different shades of grey which makes it very entertaining and funny as well. I am sure the audience will love and support my character.”

Tuesday, March 21, 2017