Acknowledge Teachers Day

This article has been written by Harpreet Sandhu, Practicing Lawyer, Punjab & Haryana High Court to acknowledge the importance of, "Teachers Day –2020"

Acknowledge Teachers Day
A special designed card dedicated to the Teachers Day, by the author of article Harpreet Sandhu.

Teachers have a great influence upon society as it is often said that, “The collapse of education is the collapse of the nation”, thus the prosperity of a nation, the integrity of its politics, the stability of its society and upbringing of the youth all hinge upon having good education. It was the great teacher, staunch believer of education, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, former President of India who proposed the idea to celebrate Teachers' Day on 5th September being his own birthday, to mark his love for the teaching profession.

We must acknowledge the importance of Teachers Day towards their contribution within the institutions as they act as lighthouses and impart good values to turn students into responsible citizens and also as a mark of respect to the contributions they have initiated towards molding the society. Rather this day students along with their parents should ensure accrediting “What it means to be a teacher and what it means to control the future of students in their classes and also teachers this way are reminded what it felt like when they were students”.

We always need to have the highest regard for the respective teachers and acknowledge Teacher's Day because teaching profession has immense importance in every student’s life. Infact teachers are the architects of the society and without them no society can walk towards the path of progression. An appropriate slogan needs to be projected on Teachers Day, as, “A teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others”. Hence the contribution of teachers cannot be ignored on this special day.