A tale of timeless bond between Paresh Ganatra and Deven Bhojani

Deven Bhojani, reminiscing his early days with Paresh Ganatra...

A tale of timeless bond between Paresh Ganatra and Deven Bhojani
Deven Bhojani as Anna and Paresh Ganatra as Mahendra from Sony SAB's Bhakharwadi.

Some friendships are eternal, it is a bond that keeps us going and the friendship between these two immensely talented veteran artistes of the entertainment industry, Deven Bhojani and Paresh Ganatra sets an excellent example. The duo is currently seen in Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi where they portray the role of two Bharkharwadi barons competing with one another but in real life, they go way back in time where they were college mates even before their journey began in the entertainment world.
Deven Bhojani, reminiscing his early days with Paresh Ganatra, said, “Paresh was my senior in college and he was very popular. I would look up to him and continue to do so. Soon we both became best of friends. Our first one-act play for inter-collegiate drama competition was called 'Boman', later our paths came together where we did many other college plays, professional dramas and TV shows together. Baa Bahoo aur Baby was our longest-running show together where we were on-screen brothers. When I look at things today, I can proudly say that we are like brothers in real life as well.”
Paresh Ganatra further added, “I think me and Deven have seen the evolution of the industry together. During our college days, we used to do some experimental plays at Prithvi Theatre as well and since then we have continued to work on numerous projects together. In the course of our journey, we both have guided each other a lot and we do not hesitate to suggest anything to each other.”
Talking about their experience working in Bhakharwadi, Paresh Ganatra shared, “Coming together with Deven for Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi has been a phenomenal experience. We both have enjoyed every day of the shoot together and I am eagerly looking forward to getting back on the sets of Bhakharwadi.”
Adding to this, Deven Bhojani, further said, “Paresh and I have a great time working in Bhakharwadi. He is not only my best friend but also a fantastic actor, so there is a comfort zone and it helps me perform better. In Bhakharwadi, we both play drastically different roles. Paresh plays a Gujarati character, Mahendra and I play a Maharashtrian character, Anna and we often get into a tiff due to various reasons. So our relationship has many layers which have been the best part of the show. Off-camera, we enjoy having lunches together and talk a lot. Just before Bhakharwadi, I had a chance to direct Paresh in a show, where we shared a different equation, but the comfort zone and rapport remained the same. These days I am looking forward to going for shoots not only because I enjoy playing Anna in Bhakharwadi but also because I get to meet my best friend Paresh.”