A feel of national patriotism 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi from `achey din ane wale hai’ to `ghar ghar tiranga’ always comes out with a new strategy, new vision and new ideology.

A feel of national patriotism 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi from `achey din ane wale hai’ to `ghar ghar tiranga’ always comes out with a new strategy, new vision and new ideology. One feels of New India, a developed and prosperous India or feel of national patriotism. The new vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi “ghar ghar tiranga” from 13th August to 15th August 2022 on the eve of celebrations of 75 Years of Independence reminds everyone freedom from the clutches of the Britishers. The new ideology of “ghar ghar tiranga” seems to be focused on creating feeling of patriotism towards motherland and even the notification in this regard has been issued to keep on unfurling the national flag on the shops and houses day and night. It is really an appreciable ideology of unfurling the National Tri-color on every house and shop. As in United States of America the National American Flags can be witnessed in front of the houses of the America Natives which unfurl day and night. The Administration is also gearing up for the success of the programme “ghar ghar tiranga”.  

BJP’s 3-day training camp 
BJP leaders in Punjab seems to be on right path and back on the track with carrying out three day training camp in Bhatinda. No doubt with this training camp the party has succeeded in forwarding its ideology, its vision of Narendra Modi government to the leaders who attended the training camp and now they will in a position to highlight the policies and programmes of the Modi Government to the cadre in their respective areas up to grass root level. Union Home Minister for Home Affairs Amit Shah visited Chandigarh yesterday and with his visit it will certainly fill enthusiasm and boost the morale of the Punjab BJP leaders. 

Question mark over smart city funds 
The Union Government released crores of rupees for carrying out systematic and planned development in the Smart Cities in the past, but recently in Jalandhar many questions are being raised on the installation of LED street lights as the officials working in the Smart City project have either resigned or gone on leave. Similarly, the opposition parties have raised their voice on the expedite of Smart City funds released by Union Government utilised on roads, water supply, sewerage and, beautification of the City.

Humiliation of VC 
Baba Farid University of Medical Sciences Vice Chancellor Dr Raj Bahadur has forwarded his resignation feeling humiliating after the visit of Health Minister Chetan Singh Jaoramajra. Really, it is unfortunate incident for which such a renowned personality and specialised doctor of spine has to offer his resignation. His term as Vice Chancellor was extended for the third time keeping in mind his ability. It is now up to the Chief Minister Punjab Bhagwant Singh Mann to settle the issue. All the opposition leaders of various political parties, including Congress,BJP and S.A.D (B) have condemned the issue. The Congress leaders are leaving no stone unturned in highlighting the issue. Similarly, SAD and BJP leaders have also raised their voice against the Mann government.

Authored by:
Rajat Kumar Mohindru, 
Jalandhar City.