5 reasons why Pushpa is taking over our TV sets and our hearts

A woman is unstoppable once she realizes she deserves better. Pushpa’s story is no different.

5 reasons why Pushpa is taking over our TV sets and our hearts
Karuna Pandey as Pushpa on Sony SAB's Pushpa Impossible

A woman is unstoppable once she realizes she deserves better. Pushpa’s story is no different. Armed with a winning smile, a never-say-never spirit and an impeccable work ethic, Sony SAB’s latest leading lady, Pushpa Patel (Karuna Pandey) from the recently launched show Pushpa Impossible, is the embodiment of strength, resilience, and perseverance as she chooses to walk the unconventional path to gain respect from her children and the society at large.
She may not be educated, or even refined in her ways, but Pushpa makes up for all these shortcomings with her sunny disposition, her ability to think on her feet, her undying spirit and her love for life. Hailing from the small hamlet of Patan, Gujarat, Pushpa now lives in the sprawling Mumbai metropolis where she runs a tiffin service from home to provide for her children. Hers has been a life of struggle and hardship, but it could never eclipse her zest for life. Her only wish is to see her kids respect her for who she is, which she thinks is possible only through education. In order to do that, Pushpa will be seen embarking on an unusual path to make her dreams come true and change the course of her life forever.
So what are some of the qualities that make Pushpa stand out from the rest, and why is it that we need to learn how to live life from this incredible woman? Let’s have a look:
Refreshing perspective on what is means to be a strong woman
Pushpa is someone who believes one should never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations. She understands that her strength comes from within herself and not from what people tell her she can or cannot do. It is this inner strength that makes her extremely formidable and relentless while pursuing her goals.
She doesn’t stop to think about how the world will perceive her or get bogged down by challenges that life throws at her. She looks at the challenges dead in the eyes and then, winks at them! That’s who she is, impossibly amazing Pushpa!
Cornerstone of Pushpa’s life – Jugaad!
Life has a way of humbling even the strongest of us. But when life throws lemons at Pushpa, she not only accepts them with all her grace, but even makes the yummiest nimbu ka achaar and sells it for a profit! A woman who has endured a lot throughout her life, first as a single mom and then as a home-entrepreneur struggling to earn respect, Pushpa has learnt a thing or two about making the most with what she’s got.
Life’s little battles may have left scars on her soul, but she wears them like badges of honour and uses her resourcefulness to make hay when the sun shines. She looks at a problem and right away gets started on how she can solve it with what she has. It is this attitude that helps her course through the difficult times in life with relative ease.
Progressive is her middle name!
Just because she’s not ‘cool’ doesn’t mean Pushpa’s views aren’t cool. She understands the world around her better than most people. She is driven by a strong sense of what’s right and what’s wrong. She changes with the changing world, learning new ways of life and recalibrating her understanding of it. Being a single mother and home entrepreneur, her views on what is means to be a woman are much more progressive than many of her peers.
Her belief that everything is achievable through hard work is her guiding principle in life. Being someone who has faced ridicule for her lack of education, she is mindful of treating others with respect as she understands everyone has their own battles that they’re fighting.
When the going get’s tough, the tough get going
When things go awry, Pushpa’s not one to sit in a corner and cry. Life has never afforded her that luxury. She’s always been the one up and center, facing life’s many trials and tribulations head on. Even at her weakest, Pushpa exudes strength. Her weapon of choice when faced with challenges – is a smile.
She takes everything in her stride and fights for what she believes in with her heart filled with hope and her mind clear with conviction in her own abilities. It is this indomitable spirit that endears her to her family and the world at large.
After all, nothing can be sweeter than maa ka pyaar
Don’t be fooled by her boisterous personality and her unpolished tongue, for deep inside, at the heart of it all, Pushpa is a woman who has the softest heart filled with unending love for her three children. Circumstances may have toughened her up on the outside, but her heart bleeds only for her children. Everything she does, from running her own business, to her various jugaads, are all in pursuit of giving her children a better life and future.
When it comes to her children, everything she does, right from cooking for them to scolding them when they’re wrong, comes from a place of place. It is exactly for this reason that she wants them to feel proud of her and look at her with respect.
Bringing alive the various shades of Pushpa’s colourful personality on screen is none other than ace actress and performer Karuna Pandey. She is joined by a stellar cast including Naveen Pandita, Darshan Gurjar, Deshna Dugad, Garima Parihar and Bhakti Rathod. Brimming with emotions and loads of inspiration, Pushpa Impossible, created by Hats Off Production, remind us of all that a woman is the embodiment of strength, for she persists despite all odds, and emerges victorious through sheer will!