5 Kms Cycle Marathon by S&P Global Market Intelligence Company held


To mark the beginning of one month long Community Impact Campaign
Hyderabad, May 12, 2017: Is it possible to work and do social service? You can either do social service or work. You cant do both. But, S&P Global with presence in 31 countries and 23000 employees, gives new approach to employment engagement and social service.

S & P Global Market Intelligence, the subsidiary of S&P Global Inc. an American publicly traded corporation headquartered in New York City organised Cycle Marathon, a 5kms cycle rally here in city today morning at their office premises in Kondapur to mark the beginning of one month long Community Impact Month.

Community Impact and S&P Global Volunteers Grant(GVG) Programs are the annual social service programs of the company, where employees volunteer to offer their service to solve small, small community problems and offer their services

Community Impact Month is about giving back to the cities, towns and neighborhoods where we live and work. Every year in this month employees will volunteer their time and talents to make a positive difference around the world.

Community Impact Month brings life to our values of Integrity, Excellence and Relevance informed the company informed Abhishek Tomer, MD of S&P Global Marketing Intelligence—India Operations.

The Cycle Marathon which held today was participated by 100 bicyclists of the company. It was organized to create awareness about environmental concerns and also kick start the one month long Community Impact Program the organization takes up the world over.

The rally will be Flagged off by Mr. Abhishek Tomar, MD India Operations of S & P Global Market Intelligence and Mr. Purna Chandra Rao, Vice President of S & P Global Market Intelligence--Hyderabad

During May 15 to June large portion of 23000 workforce of the company across the world do many service activities during weekends and company supports them financially.

The Hyderabad unit of S&P Global Intelligence Hyderabad has planted saplings in their office premises today. Which was later followed by a Talk on “Cashless Transaction” addressed by Director of STPI Ravi Prasad. Four hundred employees of the company heard him talk. These employees intern will go back to their localities and educate vegetable vendors, street vendors, push cart vendors and small traders how to go cashless.

S&P Global Market Intelligence Company Hyderabad is one of the four locations of the company in India. 3500 financial analysts and others work in their office in Hyderabad at Kondapur. Nearly 30 to 40 per cent of employees volunteer for various service activities informed Purna Chander Rao, Vice President of Hyderabad Unit.

They do service activities during the office hours(for which they need to compensate work some other time) and weekends(during Saturdays and Sundays, their weekend holidays). Ever since Community Impact Program was initiated, in 2006, in the last 10 years our Hyderabad unit employees have executed 500 projects by giving 8000 of their man hours. 32000 people benefitted from these 500 service activities. S&P Global Intelligence Company funded Rs 5.25 crore for these projects.

This year, 2500 employees, who pledged to volunteer are projected to executive 70 projects at a cost of Rs 1crore and extend 5600 man hours. Some of these projects include Infrastructure Development for Schools, Women Empowerment, Skill Development, Career Counseling, Treeplantation, Setting Up Libraries, Educating People on issues of great concern to the society such as Environmental impacts on society etc. Our three focus areas are Elevate, Women Empowerment and Environment, they informed.

Friday, May 12, 2017