5 AWARD NOMINATIONS for Himachali film at the World Music & Independent Film Festival in Washington DC, USAa


Dharamshala, December 17, 2017: A 30 inute short film in Hindi and Pahadi (Himachali), PASHI has received. 5 AWARD NOMINATIONS at the World Music & Independent Film Festival in Washington DC, USA.

Informing this to the media the Director of the film Mr.Siddharth Chauhan said ,” We are extremely delighted ,PASHI has been nominated for the 5 Awards BEST DIRECTOR- Siddharth Chauhan ,BEST SCREENPLAY - Siddharth Chauhan ,BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - Siddharth Chauhan & Yashwant Kumar Sharma, BEST ACTOR-Chetan Kanwar and BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR- John Negi.”

In a press release here Chuhan added ,"This one is special because I have received 3 Nominations at an International Film Festival for the first time in my career!"

Born in 1990,Siddharth Chauhan, is an award-winning Indian independent filmmaker from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Chauhan has not received any professional training in this field. His films have been screened across places including Sarajevo, UK, London, US, Belarus, Indonesia, New Zealand, Italy, Canada and France.He is the youngest and the first independent filmmaker from Himachal Pradesh to have continuously taken his locally produced films outside India.

He further added ,"I am extremely happy to know that my hard work is being recognized and even more happy for Chetan Kanwar , John Negi and my biggest support Yashwant Kumar Sharma, who also have been nominated for their work in the film.We are receiving phenomenal reviews for the film from all festivals, audience and acclaimed filmmakers."

"There hasn't been a single screening where the audience has not made a special mention about Chetan's heart touching powerful-performance in the film. I hope the film industry discovers Chetan Kanwar soon, he truly is a gem!!!", said SIDDHARTH

The festival will be held from 29th JAN - 3rd FEB , 2018, at Washington DC, United States. The film premiered at the Oscar Qualifying: Rhode Island International Film Festival in USA and this the film's 2nd screening in US after travelling to China & Italy. Pashi was recently also awarded Best Cinematography Award at Marietta International Film Festival in Georgia.

The film was shot in 10 days at the Sunta Lodge, a beautiful wooden mansion of Village Khalwan, owned by Shri Omkar Sunta and some parts were filmed in Village Dhanoti at Shri Balwan Singh Chauhan's House, near Tikker, Rohru in Himachal.

Story: Set in a traditional Himachali village, an unusual love story unfolds as a visitor arrives and meets his neighbour after years. Simultaneously, a young boy learns about a technique of trapping birds from his wicked-old grandmother and begins to practice it.

Pashi is a 'pahari' laguage word literally meaning 'a trap'. Pashi is an old concept used by villagers & growing children for hunting birds & animals.

Written, Directed & Produced by: Siddharth Chauhan

Lead Actors:

Chetan Kanwar, Student of Class 12th from Chapslee School, Shimla

John Negi, a model/actor from Rampur

Kamayani Bisht, English Professor @ Govt College Theog

Savitri Devi Sunta, Owner of Sunta Lodge, in Village Khawalan

Sunday, December 17, 2017