48-year-old man with fracture in right leg experiences new lease of life


Ghaziabad: 48-year-old Sudhir Kumar (name changed to protect privacy), who was working as a manager in a reputed hotel in Delhi-NCR, met with an accident on his way to work on a winter morning last year. After being hit by an auto rickshaw, he had a debilitating injury in his right leg. The intensity of injury was such that bones in his leg had broken into pieces, and diagnostic tests revealed that there was a severe fracture also in the leg. During initial assessment, it seemed as if his leg would have to be surgically removed. The team of doctors was led by Dr.Ashutosh Jha, Consultant Orthopedist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad.

After observing the injury closely, Dr.Ashutosh Jha informed the patient that he will have to wait for a few months before a surgery can even be considered, as too early a surgical intervention could lead to further disastrous outcome.
“The patient had been treated earlier in a smaller hospital in Ghaziabad and one of his doctors suggested to put a plaster. When he came to our hospital on the 3rd day after accident, I found that the plaster which was previously put was tighter than what was required. When the plaster was removed, I found that the lower part of leg was filled with blisters. We placed a device called an external fixator in Sudhir Kumar, which helps treat a severe soft tissue injury. Till that time, he was not even able to stand on his limbs. He had to also undergo regular dressing of his wounds till the time his leg appeared suitable for a definitive surgery. After a long wait of 4 long months came the time when Sudhir was able to stand on his legs properly, and exactly 5 months after his injury, his bones had healed well enough to resume his work and daily life activities,” says Dr Ashutosh Jha.

What makes this case unique is the moral support and care given by Dr. Ashutosh Jha and team to the patient during his recovery period. The doctors took every possible step that was required to make his bones heal faster, so that he can get back to his professional commitments.

“Our bones bear our body weight, carrying us all day, and reviving the same strength after a high impact collision or accident takes its own time. In healing of a bone, both the doctor and the patient learn patience, a virtue increasingly lost in our fast moving times. When Sudhir Kumar reported in our hospital for the first time after the accident, I noticed that the lower part of his leg was filled with blisters (which had fluids consisting water and blood). If the standard protocols would have been conducted on him, it would have lead to compartment syndrome, a rare and dangerous condition of limbs, even resulting in to amputation, if not treated in time,” informs Dr. Ashutosh Jha.

Injuries that occur with high-impact collision are becoming increasingly common nowadays, thanks to careless and high speed driving. Such injuries take a long time to recover and doctors often need to wait for a long time even before a surgery can be done, as was the case for Sudhir.
An automobile accident can happen in different ways: impact can occur from the front, rear, or side. Most road accidents cause extensive orthopedic injuries, along with trauma-related mental health problems at times.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), road traffic injuries (RTIs) are the leading cause of death among young people (between the ages of 15-29) worldwide. In India, there is one death every four minutes due to a road accident, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India.

Monday, July 17, 2017