350 Patients Benefited From Mega Free Medical & Heart Check Up Camp


A pgotograph taken at the time of Mega Free Medical & Heart Check Up Camp at Ludhiana on Sunday.

Ludhiana, June 7, 2015: A Mega free Medical & Heart Check up camp was organised by Dayanand Medical College & Hospital Unit Hero DMC Heart Institute in association with Maharaja Aggarsain Sewa Sangh at Lakshmi Narayan Mandir Dharamshala, B.R.S Nagar, Ludhiana. Dr.G.S Wander Chief Cardiologist HDHI led the team of doctors & technicians from Hero DMC Heart Institute while Dr.Rishu Bhanot from DMCH also participated in the camp.
More than 350 Patients benefited from this camp. ECG ,Blood Sugar & Medicines were distributed to all patients free of cost.
Camp was inaugrated by Dignitaries and political Luminaries of the area which included Mr Harcharan Singh (Mayor, Ludhiana), Mr. Parveen Bansal (BJP, President), Mr Madan Lal Bagga, Ashu, Mr Harbhajan Singh Dang, Mr Vijay Danav, Mr Pawan Diwan, Mr Gurinder Pal & Mr Harpreet Bedi.
According to Dr.G.S Wander -Now a days most of the people suffering from hypertension. This major issue is increasing day by day because people were not aware with this problem in initial stage. Main cause of this problem, people are becoming irresponsible about their health, food and lifestyle. Exercise is the one of the best – and most enjoyable – ways of lowering your chances of developing heart disease. Regular exercise helps your heart to become stronger, so it can pump more blood around your body with less effort. He further added thatwith some will power and self-discipline, one can give oneself the gift of a healthy life.
Speaking on the occasion Dr.Rishu Bhanot said - The objective of this special camp was to raise awareness about Hypertension, Diabetes & various Heart diseases. Highlight that diabetes and high blood pressure are key risk factors for Heart Attack, to encourage people for quiet smoking, limited alcohol and proper exercise and eat healthy food.
A person with heart disease, proper nutrition is essential to managing symptoms and preventing further complications. Not only can proper diet help slow the artery-clogging process, but when combined with careful lifestyle modification, it may even stop or reverse the narrowing of arteries – Said - Ms. Shelly (Dietitian)
Members of Maharaja Aggarsain Sewa Singh including Sh. Ashwani Garg (President), Sh. Vinay Gupta (Gen.Secretary), Sh. Ajit Singla (Proj. Director), Sh. Sushil Grag (Finance Secretary), Sh.Rajinder Aggarwal, Sh. R.P Gupta, Dr. Avinash Jindal & Sh.Babbi Bansal enthusiastically participated in the camp for this Philanthropic Work.
Sunday, June 7, 2015