30 Students Receive International Teacher’s Training Certification from Akshar Yoga


Students Receive International Teacher’s Training Certification from Akshar Yoga.

The Programme to be offered in countries like Sri Lanka and Germany by 2018

Bangalore, October 16, 2017: Akshar Yoga, one of the leading yoga training centers in the country, conferred 30 of students with its esteemed International Teachers Training Programme Certification on Saturday. The course, which is skillfully designed for serious practitioners of yoga, every year, receives participation from different parts of the world including Germany, Australia, Turkey, China, Japan, USA, France and Iran among others. Teachers Training Programmes from Akshar Yoga will be offered in countries like Sri Lanka and Germany by the next year.


This year’s grand convocation ceremony graced by Mr Christian Friedrich Pohl, Director of International Affiliation, Indian Economic Trade Organization Mr Asif Iqbal, President, Indian Economic Trade Organization, Dr Mamatha Devraj, Director Mamdev Yoga Hub, was conducted at Akshar Yoga, Sadashivnagar, Bangalore.


Akshar Yoga, the brainchild of Akshar, is one of the largest chains of Yoga academies specializing in professional Teacher Training Programs in India. Known to have trained close to 1800 teachers from all over the world, Akshar Yoga offers training program that includes multi-style yoga, which focuses on numerous styles of yoga rather than one main style. The multi style yoga, a hugely popular form of yoga, is also categorized into Power Yoga- a form Akshar Yoga is synonymous with, and traditional styles of Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga. This form of Yoga allows students to delve deep into the different forms of yoga, without compromising on its authenticity and thereby gives students the confidence to be an international yoga trainer. The wide variety of different styles the students can choose from makes the programme unique and versatile at the same time.


The Teachers Training programme has gained widespread popularity over the years, especially from the youth of today. The programme attempts to leverage the essence of the ancient form of Himalayan yoga for the enhancement of the wellbeing of the mankind by popularizing its therapeutic properties. The certified teachers from Akshar Yoga have already received invites from different countries to conduct workshops in these respective nations. Akshar Yoga will be offering Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Teacher Training Programs from 2018 onwards.


While being a member of the prestigious World Yoga Organization, it has also received certificates from top ISO certified schools from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States of America.


Commenting on this Grand Master Akshar, Founder, Chairman and Course Director of Akshar Yoga said, “One of many advantages to do Yoga teacher training in India is our great deal of emphasis on Yoga Philosophy. Through our classes, we believe in teaching the history and philosophy of ancient sutras which will help them go deeper into the vast subject of Yoga. We have students from various cultures like Germany, Turkey, USA, France, Iran, China, Japan and Australia studying with us. We believe, yoga is not limited to cultures and is a practice that can be performed by anyone at any point of time. We wish all our certified teachers a wonderful journey in their path of yoga and pray that they spread their knowledge to everyone around them.”

Monday, October 16, 2017