2014 polls will destroy all past poll traditions: Narendra Modi


BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

New Delhi, January 5, 2014: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, along with party president Rajnath Singh and senior leader Arun Jaitley, attended an event organised by Baba Ramdev's trust in Delhi today.
The highlights of Modi's speech:
•    2014 polls will destroy all past poll traditions
•    This is the first time an election has become a movement
•    Ramdev's dedication has also contributed majorly to this movement
•    Ramdev focused on his mission for this country, not for himself
•    It's painful that we are having to fight for the pride of our country
•    ISRO scientists have successfully launched GSLV D-5, I congratulate them
•    This country has a lot of potential
•    I'm not a negative person, I don't know disappointment
•    My dictionary doesn't have the word 'disappointment' in it
•    This country has picked up a person who used to sell tea on train bogeys on its shoulders
•    My mother used to wash utensils, she raised her children so well without being disappointed
•    We used to sit as a family, take out cotton from cotton buds, sell it the next day and earn some money
•    A person who has grown up in pain, doesn't have to make long journeys to understand other people's pain
•    This pain gives us the push and inspiration to work harder for our people
•    For this election, the focus is on development which is a good start and should continue
•    Ramdev has now realised how politicians behave
•    They welcome someone at the airport and then later come and attack the same person in the night
•    Must check track record of politicians, don't take them at face value
•    Demographic dividend converted into demographic disaster
•    Don't think anything can be a bigger tragedy for this country and its youth
•    We need to take care of our animals and birds
•    In Gujarat, we perform cataract operations on animals
•    There has been an 86 per cent increase in milk production in Gujarat
•    Opposition thought of pink revolution
•    For them pink revolution meant, kill animals and birds, produce more mutton which by the way is pink in colour
•    Tell me what will help in the development of this country, animals and birds or mutton?
•    We don't need leaders from Mars to bring about development in this country
•    We have to learn from China and focus on development of skills
•    Today sand is also exported out of India
•    This country doesn't want promises, it needs motives and dedication
•    This country needs strong will and dedication
•    Taxation system is becoming a burden for the common man
•    There is reform needed and BJP is working very seriously on this
•    Systems must make things simpler
•    Small efforts can bring about big changes
•    If BJP forms government, solutions will be found and new ways will be derived to govern the country
•    Industry has to be given the license to sort out its own issues
•    Government shouldn't interfere at every step
•    From day 1, governments are only concerned about elections
•    Solutions can be found for every problem
•    BJP and I will try our best to fulfill all expectations
•    We are a Bahuratna Vasundhara
•    We support technology, science because we must be capable to stand up to the world
•    I congratulate Ramdev, he has started a revolution on what change should be in the nation
•    Wild allegations are levelled against me

Sunday, January 5, 2014