2014 elections will be fought by people: Narendra Modi


Narendra Modi

The following are points of speech of the Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP at Varanasi Shanknath Rally in UP on Friday:
•         The people of India are eager to uproot the Government in Delhi.
•         No party will contest 2014 election. The leadership will not be of a person. 2014 elections will be fought by people.
•         It is impossible to talk about India without talking about the Ganges.
•         For others Ganges can be a river but for us it is our Mother. It is not merely a river.
•         Ganga Paani Ki Dhara Nahi Hai, Humari Sanskriti Ki Dhara Hai.
•         UPA made a scheme to clean the Ganga...lot of campaign was done & people thought something will be done.
•         But I want to say that in last 5 years except meeting 3 times no step taken by the Centre.
•         People of India want answers what all have you done to clean the Ganga.
•         Those who are fooling nation in the name of the Ganga...should this ever happen? Should they form Government again.
•         Those who could not manage the Ganga how can they manage the nation.
•         To purify the Ganga we have to make Delhi and Lucknow pure first.
•         Those protecting Congress day and night keep asking me- what will you do. Mai sirf kehta nahi hoon, kar ke dikhata hoon.
•         I invite those who ask me all these questions- come to Gujarat, see the Sabarmati River today.
•         If the Sabarmati can change Gujarat's life cannot Ganges change India's life.
•         Hum waade nai irade lekar aaye hain.
•         It is said without UP no Government can be formed. This thought is an insult to UP. Is UP about increasing numbers in Parliament.
•         Is UP only about making governments? My thought is not so narrow.
•         If India wants stability it cannot come without UP. Without UP development, India's development cannot happen.
•         For us UP is not a political playgrounds but it is the most important land for India's development.
•         It is people of this land that dreamt of a Ram Rajya. If people were not skilled how would Ram Rajya have been there here.
•         Farmers of this land can fill stomachs of so many people but see the government you have.
•         A farmer who has the ability to fill stomachs of others is unable to fill his own stomach.
•         How does the farmer feel to know that the grains are rotting? It is not only economic loss it touches the heart of the farmer.
•         Supreme Court says give grains to the poor but Government lets it rot, does not give it to the poor.
•         Not only that, the grains are given to alcohol manufacturers. Won't this make a farmer sad.
•         What the government is doing is insult to the farmers and a joke on the poor.
•         When elections come, they keep talking about poor poor poor poor.
•         If there is someone responsible for poverty it is one family that has kept the nation in poverty.
•         I have spent my childhood in poverty. I do not need to go to houses of poor to see what poverty is. They have hatred for the poor.
•         One UPA leader calls me tea seller. If people bless someone then anybody can become the Prime Minister, irrespective of what he or she does.
•         Hume chai bechna manzoor hai, desh bechna manzoor nahi.
•         I tell the poor, uproot all those people who have exploited you.
•         Congress leaders say we are thieves. Yes, we are thieves, we have stolen the sleep of the Congress.
•         People are uprooting the Congress and electing BJP governments.

Friday, December 20, 2013