20 recycled bicycles donated to children 

It was nice gesture on part of WDF and Dr Cycles

20 recycled bicycles donated to children 
P. Raghuveer, VC & MD of Telangana State Forest Dept and eswar, Kalyan at the Donation Function of Recycles Bicycles to the Orphans, Govt School Kids.

Hyderabad: P. Raghuveer, VC and MD of Telangana State Forest Department Corporation,(TSFDC), accompanied by Divya Bharathi, Assistant Director from the same department, Kalyan from Dr. Cycle, a mobile door step cycle service and Eswar, General Secretary of Wheels Desire Foundation(WDF), donated ‘20 Recycled  Bicycles  to Children from an Orphanage, a Govt School. And these organizations include ZPHS Kondapur;
These NGO include. Five Cycles were donated to Masjid Banda ZPHS School  and ZPHS Kondapur Children and another 15 donated to the Janma Foundation.
The Donation function was organised by Wheels Desire Foundation(WDF) in partnership with Dr. Cycles. It was held at 7am at Botanical Garden Kondapur.
Speaking on the occasion immediately after handing over the bicycles to the children, Mr. P. Raghuveer, Vice Chairman and Managing Director said it was a nice gesture on the part of WDF and Dr Cycles.  There are many cycles left unused and gathering dust in parking places. But, not many come forward to donate such bicycles. Thankfully, now Dr. Cycles and WDF is available to pick them up free of cost, repair and Recycle those Bicycles properly and then gift to the needy. These cycles will be particularly useful to girls for commuting to their schools. 
Speaking further Mr. P. Raghuveer added that Telangana State Forest Department Corporation is planning to set up a Safari. It will give an experience of forest to urbanites.  In this we will give them wild life and animals experience using technology.  It will be virtual animal kingdom.  It is likely to come up next to Botanical Gardens in Kondapur where the Department has 50 acres of land.  It is still in conceptualization stage. It might taken an investment of Rs 15 to 20crore., but, nothing final as of now. We plan to open it in next six months, the top Forest Official Shared. 
We are constantly striving hard to bring nature close to the people, P. Raghuveer shared.
Speaking on the occasion, P.Kalyan, Founder of a startup Dr. Cycles, which is a mobile door step cycle service provider, said, nearly ten lakh  bicycles of all varieties languishing in parking places of hundreds of Apartments and Gated Communities. We have witnessed some gated communities which have 500 to 1000 bicycles gathering dust. We want to make use of those by giving them a fresh lease of life.
Eswar, General Secretary of WDF says tt is a common sight to notice a lot of Kids Cycles left in the parking place unused as kids have grown up. They occupy so much valuable parking space. So residents/owners can give The Old Cycle a Fresh Lease of Life through "Wheels Desire Foundation(wdf)". WDF is the NGO where abandoned bicycles die – and reborn as new ones. Discarded bikes get  a second chance, thanks to its recycling project, which refits cycles for  donation free of cost.
Parents of many children can't afford to buy them new cycles? Why cant we make use of abandoned bicycles for the convenience of underprivileged kids, whose families can't afford to buy them new bicycles, added Eswar.
Recycling is the buzz word of today.  Bicycle recycling must happen in every city.  Don't Throw Your Old Bicycle in the Trash, Eswar asks public
The mission of WDF, according to its General Secretary, Eswar Prasad Pilla, is to make affordable, good quality used bicycles available to low-income people in developing areas. These donated bicycles provide better transport for work, education and also ensures the fitness and keep them healthy. They are environmentally friendly.
A lot of cycles are languishing unused and rusty in thousands of homes and apartments. If repaired well, they could be used again. Otherwise the end up in scrap. It makes so much sense to recycle them, adds Eswar.
Our mission is to bring cycle back from grave yard to gullies.
Wheels Desire Foundation is supported by Dr. Cycle, a Hyderabad based start-up for doorstep cycle service. Dr. Cycle Truck picks up the cycles and takes them to Cycle Zone, where they are serviced and them brings them to the earmarked areas for distribution. Transportation and servicing are absolutely free.(January 25, 2020)