‘The Princely States and the Making of Modern India’ launched at Prof. Achuta Rao Memorial History Conference


Mumbai, December 28, 2017: ‘The Princely States and the Making of Modern India’, a collection of research papers on the re-thinking of the centrality of princely states to twentieth century nationalism was launched at the Prof.Achuta Rao Memorial History Conference at Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities by the eminent historian Prof. Upinder Singh of University of Delhi. The conference was held in honour of distinguished historian Prof.D S Achuta Rao, the professor from Mysore University, who unravelled the social and administrative history of Mysore through a study of contemporary materials available. The book is published by Manipal Universal Press.

Prof. Rao had made a mark for himself through meticulous research which brought into the limelight much of Mysore’s forgotten history. The year 2017 has seen four significant events for serious historians of India. The events, conducted in this centennial year, have demonstrated a wide range of interests, and have brought together many internationally renowned historians from Cambridge to Japan to South-East Asia.

Prof. David Washbrook, famous modern historian from Cambridge University and a key contributor to the released book has said, “Indeed, post-modern India, is now starting to turn back towards its princely past with regard, at least to cultural geography. The princely states of southern India have come a very long way in historical understanding and imagination since their physical existence was so abruptly interrupted at the end of the 1940s. From villains, they have become almost heroes of India’s modern history”.

Releasing the book, Prof. Upinder Singh, Historian, University of Delhi said, “I am glad to release the third book under Prof. DSA History Series. Generous support by Prof. D.S. Achuta Rao Endowment has enabled over fifty scholars to meet this year and share new perspectives in Indian and Asian history. This provokes new thoughts and is very valuable in gaining insight into our history”.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. H.S. Ballal, Pro Chancellor of MAHE said, “Manipal which is ranked as a leading Institution in Health Sciences and Engineering education and research is building depth in humanities. Mr. Prasanna and Mrs. Rajani Prasanna have made vital contribution to the Humanities ecosystem through Hebbar Gallery and Prof. Achuta Rao History series and conferences”.

Thursday, December 28, 2017