SPL ON XMAS: We should care to follow message, "Holy, Happiness, Joy, Prosperity and Peace"


The Author.

CHRISTMAS DAY, being December 25th, is the celebration of Jesus' birth this day the announcement of the Angel to the Shepherds in the Gospel of Luke made clear the thought behind "Merry Christmas. Carols are sung in praise and worship. The word merry itself arouses in us the feelings of joy and happiness associated with the festival of Christmas. St. Mathew, in his gospel, recorded that the birth of Jesus, brought wise men from the far-off East. They came to worship Jesus as they were prompted by the unique astrological phenomenon in the sky. As these wise men were from the East, the general belief is that they were from India. Among the ancient nations of the world, India figures prominently in the Bible. Mention is made of Ahasuerus, who ruled an empire, stretching from India to Ethiopia. The church of India was founded by St. Thomas himself, who was one among the 12 disciples of Jesus. He came to India, in 52 AD and was successful in establishing churches in a number of places, particularly in South India. St. Thomas Mount, where he was martyred and the Santhome Cathedral in Chennai, where he was buried, are a living testimony to the 1960-year-old history of the Indian church.

Christmas celebrations are performed in a colossal way not only in the churches, catholic schools where students really enjoy performing the carols, skits and dances for their pre-Christmas, rather people individually decorate their homes  with neon lights, stars, Christmas trees to welcome Santa Claus, besides all the celebrations on X-mas, people of our country should also follow the message of X MAS and spread the symbol of religious unity and  by way of greetings particularly the songs about "peace on earth" and pray in churches for peace and prosperity and further spread New Year message. Wish people celebrating Christmas Day further continue the meaning of X-Mas day following in the divine message of the angels is rather the need for the present day, hence if we should care to follow this message "Holy, Happiness, Joy, Prosperity and Peace", the world would be much better to live in.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012