Spiritual & religious leaders be given command to educate public on climate change: Environmentalists


Acharya Dr. Lokesh Munni at Law Bhawan.

Chandigarh, December 6, 2015: Environmentalists stressed that spiritual and religious leaders must be given command to educate general public on the causes and the consequences climate change and global warming. They also held the ‘wealthy and powerful’ responsible for the problem with which the entire universe is grappling with.
Environmentalists including Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni, a social reformer, Eco Baba Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal, and Mr. Devinder Sharma, Trustee of Dialogue Highway Trust, Chandigarh, shared their experiences and suggested possible remedies with students of different educational institutions, teachers, and representatives of different NGOs at a session organized on ‘Clime Change, Inequality and Violence’ at Law Bhawan Auditorium, in sector 37, this afternoon.
Giving reference of the 21st yearly session of ongoing United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, Acharya Muni claimed that even the UN have realized that the spiritual and religious leaders could play a major role in mobilizing general public against the problem of Climate Change and Global Warming.
He stressed need to interlink Dharma (religion) with Samaj (society), (dhyatama) spirituality and naitikta (morality) and sensitize people about the principal of Swartha, Prathana and Parmartha.
Muni claimed that there is a desperate need to identify and the origin of the problems and take prompt remedial measures to get rid of it.
“We problems are often created by rich and educated but they instead of accepting it shift to the poor and illiterate. This section of the society has also created gap between the rich and poor, educated and uneducated and developed and developing. We are ready to follow the ‘Gurus’ but not their teachings” claimed Acharya Muni.
“We have to change our lifestyle a move closer to the nature, humanity and non-violence,” added Dr. Muni.
Eco Baba Seechewal, claimed that the increasing inhuman attitude towards society, vested interest, mismanagement and wrecking havoc with nature are some of the main factors of climate change and global warming.
He also accused the governments, leaders and bureaucracy for not executing the projects properly in favour of general public without vested interest. “Wastage could be managed and utilized in positive ways.
“The excess of exploitation of natural resources without going in for the available resources has virtually played havoc with environment. There is a dire need to generate civic sense and social responsibility among common man to keep their surroundings clean, as Charity begins at home,” claimed Baba Seechewal.
He also said that uninterrupted discharge of chemicals, polluted water and solid waste in rivers has contaminated our food-chain. Use of drugs (medicines) instead of our home-made medicines is another factor dragging us towards drug addiction,” he opined.
Mr. Devinder Sharma, said, “Coffee or tea vending machines emit more methane gas than burning of paddy stubbles. We do not want to compromise lifestyle instead of cursing the poor. The global warming will affect more to the developed countries than the developing countries.  The environmentalists also had an interaction session with the gatherings on the occasion.  
Sunday, December 6, 2015