Rs. 1800 crore Allocated to States under National Food Security Mission; Fodder, Coarse Cereals to be Included In 12th Plan

The distribution of funds allocated so far under NFSM to various states can be seen in the graphic below [in crore rupees] :









New Delhi, August 3, 2012: The Centre has allocated over Rs. 1800 crore to States under the National Food Security Mission (NFSM) this year. Uttar Pradesh gets the maximum amount, at Rs. 276.9 crore, followed by Madhya Pradesh, Rs. 226.87 crore and Maharashtra Rs.196 crore.

 A mega scheme in the agriculture sector, NFSM was implemented in the eleventh Five Year Plan with the target to raise rice production by 10 million tones, wheat by 8 MT and pulses by 2 MT – total 25 MT of foodgrains. The targets have been exceeded. In the 12th Plan, starting this year, NFSM aims at raising the foodgrain production by 25 MT. Besides rice, wheat and pulses, NFSM proposes to cover coarse cereals and fodder crops during the 12th five year plan. 

 NFSM has taken a focused approach to raise productivity of these crops through various location-specific interventions. These include providing incentives to farmers to adopt improved inputs and technology packages suiting local soil and climatic conditions.