Peasantry bear loss of Rs.5,200 Cr due to deficit rain


Chandigarh, August 24: The peasantry in Punjab has alone suffered a loss of Rs.5200 crore due to deficit rain. The Centre Government should have discharged its constitutional duty by announcing special economic package for the state but the proposal put forward by Punjab has not been considered as yet.

It was disclosed by Sohan Singh Thandal, Chief Parliamentary Secretary, Irrigation. He said that although some regions of the state had witnessed rain in past few days, but the water level in the main dams is still very low.

He further said that the water flow in the rivers is 10 per cent low and the generation of the power through the hydro projects had taken a sharp plunge.

Thandal said that due to this natural calamity, the peasantry of the state has been forced to spend more money on diesel to irrigate their fields. He further said that the state incurred Rs.7,000 crore in the month of June and July to purchase power by spending Rs.1,656 crore more than the normal rates.

CPS said that the water level in the Bhakhra Dam is 55.77 feet, Pong Dam at 29.54 feet, while the water level at Ranjit Sagar Dam is 13.95 meter low than the previous year. He said that the irrigation has been adversely affected due to deficit rain, which caused a loss of Rs.5200 crore to the farming community of the Punjab.

Adding, he said that Chandigarh and its adjoining areas had witnessed rain in past few days, but most of southern districts of Punjab are still facing drought-like-situations. He urged centre government to sympathetically consider the proposal of Punjab and announce special economic package to sustain the agriculture sector.


Friday, August 24, 2012