OPINION: Police must take care of VOPs besides VIPs


In case anybody on the road side has misbehaved with you, your son has come back safe to home from school and there is no untoward incident with him, your journey in the public transport has finished without any interruption and your daughters-women have also come back home safe without any eve-teasing, then ‘be happy’ for the passing of the day and mentally prepare yourself for the next day as it is not known as to when anything might happen with you or with members of your family.  All these thoughts have not come to your mind by reading the horoscopes or predictions but due to law and order situation and poor administration in the country. 

The recent incident of gang rape of 23 years old girl who boarded the bus with his friend, when she was returning home happily by spending the joyous time, no thought like use of public transport would not be free of any untoward incident, would have come to her mind.  The incident proved destructive instead of danger.  It is not the question of travelling in the public transport.  There was another incident of same nature in Noida, with a girl with his friend in the car.  Thank God ! she was alive but living her in any part of the country was not bearable, tolerable, endurable and even acceptable. The recent victim of Uttrakhand girl is still fighting between life and death.

Merely arresting the culprits would not suffice, there is a need of trial of such case in the fast-track courts for announcement of punishment of rare of the rarest in this case.

Jaya Bachhan, MP has rightly said that hardly there would any day when the incident of rape is not reported in one or the other part of the country. Since the incident is of Delhi, that is why, it is getting a full coverage in the media and statistics are appearing as to how much rapes were in a particular year and in which city and which city is safe and which is un-safe.  There may be one or hundred such incidents but the victim who have to face such circumstances, the words would find short to explain and they continue to be attacked in thoughts throughout life.  After the incident of Delhi, the demand of death sentence to rapists have become a debatable issue.  The death sentence was also given to the rapists Dhanjay Chatterje, who was charged for rape and murder but after there had been number of rape cases and accused were also arrested but this stigma and disgrace cannot be vanished from the society.  In face, it is a question of mentality of society besides law and order situation.

First, till such time, the education of respect of girls, women is not taught is not imparted at the home itself, the atrocity, cruelty and rapes with women would continue to happen. 

Second, for the incidents like rape which we are witnessing daily, the existing laws and the working of police department is not praise-worthy.  Thus, there is a need to change the system immediately.  Even the Smriti Irani, Member Rajya Sabha, had given a suggestion about two years back that there should be a regular monthly meeting of women and social organisation with the police to review the status of crime rate against women and how the police can work with these organisations.  But it is matter of concern, there has been no progress during the last years on this account despite giving some practical suggestions by Kiran Bedi also.

The recent rape incident continued for two hours in the running bus and neither the police nor the public could do anything, compelled the common man to think over as to where does the problem and issue needs to be discussed thoroughly to plug the lacunas. The police-public relations have to be improved.  Simply regretting by the police commissioner is not appreciable but it is the duty of police force in whole of the country to take care of  VOPs (Very Ordinary Persons)  also besides VIPs (Very Import Persons).  The need of the hour is to create an atmosphere in our country that none of the girl going out alone, should not have the fear to go out, during broad day light or late night hours and only then we can the right to call ourselves a good citizen of independent India, otherwise not.

Monday, December 24, 2012