OPINION: Kasab hanged to death proves Indian judicial system to be fair and transparent


The Author.

This sole arrested traitor Ajmal Kasab who was behind the terror attacks which had not only shaken Mumbai in 2008, but had endured worst sort of fear and scare in the minds citizens of India.

Today with Kasab hanged to death is what he deserved for killing innocent people and should be a lesson for Pak - other terror groups. Above all also this could provide healing touch to the victim families and a tribute to the innocent people killed in 26/11 carnage.

This secret execution of “Kasab" was sensible move by our Government authorities and has also brought around the globe the fairness and transparent functioning of our Indian judicial system as what more evidence could be shown to Pak as Ajmal Kasab had admitted during the trial that the 26/11 perpetrators were trained by the LeT on Pakistan soil and had also spilled beans of being associated with Saeed.

Rather it is one of the rarest terror case trial concluded by our judiciary, although huge amount of State exchequer was spent on the trial and custody of Kasab, but its worth today to witness this 26/11 attacker being hanged to death as Kasab did not even deserved to be treated as a human being who attacked killing more than 166 innocent people in Mumbai four year ago.

Rather further investigations must continue and the other culprits who were behind this terror attack on India should also be booked by Pak as previously our Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh had aptly put forward his strong words during his  address in year 2010 at the countdown of the Nuclear Security Summit, US regarding the revival of peace talks with Pak can only considered if Pakistan punishes the culprits behind the heinous crime of 26/11, as Pakistan has always shown lack of seriousness in fighting terrorism and till date terrorist outfits like LeT, Al Qaida etc. are using Pak’s soil to execute and conspire for disrupting peace within India.

Hence today India has atleast shown its administrative and judicial strength by executing this 26/11 attacker.

(The author is High Lawyer & Former Additional Advocate General Punjab)

Thursday, November 22, 2012