OPINION: It’s dangerous to be dependent upon machines

OPINION: It’s dangerous to be dependent upon machines

Man himself has to be accountable 

With the speedy performance of computers, the scientists are of the view that in the coming two-three decades, computer would be as fast as the brain of a human-being as even the best players of Chess have lost from the computer.

At the same time, the scientists believe that computer could never compete with the brain of a man because the brain is something special and separate thing and it is not a complicated computer. We have to admit that we have become dependent on the decision of the machines, which we used to do at our own.

In the three states of the USA, the legal support has been given to the driverless car and there is a possibility of such cars on the roads.  It is also believed that in future the war would be between the machines.  Even in medical profession, the use of machine is on the increasing side right from the detection of the disease to the operation.  Now the question is, as to who will be responsible for the moral accountability when the machines are working by taking the decisions as per the programmes given. Take the example of driverless car, if it takes a decision in the best interest of the situation, then who will be morally responsible. There could be number of factors where the man takes the decision on the basis of culture, emotions etc. and in case the same decision is taken by the machine then who would be accountable ?  We have to pass through such type of questions and in case everything is left on the computer, then who would look after the emotional and moral values.

In fact, the war gives birth to all such questions.  There was a time when the wars were fought with arrows and swords and with the crop of moral values and problems with the human being, gave a birth of Bhagwad Gita.  When the machines will do all this work in the field of war, the questions of accountability are likely to be raised.  There is no danger to the person resorting to such type of wars.  He simply gave the programme to the machine and relaxed at home and there is possible that he may become careless and indifferent. 

The reply to all these questions has to be given to the man himself as morality is the quality and property of the human-being.

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