Online intra state transactions: Industry clearly denies of implementing such notification

The Punjab Government is forcing the trade and industry to go for online intra state transactions, the industry is not crying foul on this issue but the following reasons are mainly responsible for the non acceptance of this notification.

The password of online transaction and e-filing will be the same, now 95% of the e-filing is done by the advocates or part time accountants, giving them password for all transaction will not be safe for the trade and industry as that could be used by anyone else then the owner.

On the slip there is a provision of date of expiry and time, there is a provision to put the distance on the e-bill on the basis of that the time of expiry of that receipt will print automatically by the internet site on the basis of distance.

The roads, traffic problem and breakdown of transporting vehicles may delay the consignment which will create a conflict among the assesses and the department.

Around 90% of the traders and manufacturers hire transport vehicles from outside and as they pick the material from so many places due to that there could be delay in dispatch of material as per time specified by the department.

As per Central Excise Act it is mandatory for the manufacturers or traders to put the time of dispatch on the invoices and after issuing invoices it is illegal to keep the vehicle in the premises, but as per State VAT the online filing is required to file online after completion of the Invoice, so in case there will be any delay in online filing the Central Excise Department may impose heavy penalties for such delays.

As per e-filing it is mandatory for the dealers to put vehicle number, in case of any breakdown or non settlement of buyer with transporter, it will be illegal to transfer the material to another vehicle.

It will be mandatory for the seller to put distance on the e-filing, if some transporter goes to some other area to pick the other consignment, this will again be an illegal act as per this notification.

The fact remains that the trade and industry of Punjab faces power cuts from two days to four days, under such circumstances how is it possible for the dealers to file online details. The situation in the mixed land areas is even worst and even the UPS of computers are failed under such conditions.

Around 90% of the traders and industrialists have part time accountants and just 10% have internet facility. So as per new notification all the traders and industrialist who will issue even a single invoice above the limit will have to keep both the facilities on standby just for even one invoice in a month.

There will be no online record check of such entries so the bogus bill sellers will take an undue advantage of this facility.

The software of this PEXTAX site is developed by the Corbus India Limited which is managed by Rajesh Soin and US based Indian, which is not as good site as developed by INFOSYS, WIPRO or TATA, so there are very high chances of hang up of this site.

Under such circumstances the Industry clearly denies of implementing such notification and will not accept such illegal orders.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012