NARAYANASAMY: It’s imperative for all countries to unify to check corruption


A view of the Valedictory Session of the Second Interpol Global Programme on Anti-Corruption and Asset Recovery was held in the CBI (Headquarters), New Delhi on Friday.

Jalandhar, November 23, 2012: The Valedictory Session of the Second Interpol Global Programme on Anti-Corruption and Asset Recovery was held in the CBI (Headquarters), New Delhi today.

Union Minister of State for Personnel, Pensions and Public Grievances,  V. Narayanasamy was the Chief Guest at the function.

Addressing the Valedictory function, V. Narayanasamy said that corruption makes a deep impact on the basic institutions of the country and weakens the rule of law.  He said that it is imperative for all countries to unify in an effort to ensure that corruption is checked and weeded out. He said that agencies dealing with the  menace of corruption in different parts of the world should cooperate to ensure that those indulging in corrupt activities develop a fear psychosis.

Narayasanamy said that Government of India has initiated a number of steps to ensure transparency and accountability, such as introducing the Lokpal Bill in both the Houses of Parliament;  and ratifying the United Nations Convention Against Corruption. The proposal to make bribery in private sector a criminal offence has also been initiated. The Minister said that the global financial market allows money to travel faster than ever across the globe  which makes tracing, freezing and recovery of assets very difficult and complex. Cybercrime is also becoming a dangerous phenomenon, he said.

Complimenting the CBI for organising the conference, Narayanasamy emphasised the need to hold such training programmes so as to provide excellent opportunities for Member countries of Interpol to share their concerns and come up with strategies to tackle these problems. He said it is very important that members of police and law enforcement organizations from various countries can connect with each other

In his address, Director CBI  Amar Pratap Singh, said ,"The corruption is the most important issue which concerns developing nations and that collusive corruption in which public servants connive with business houses to defraud the government of valuable revenues,  it has become a common phenomenon”.

Adding, he said that concerted efforts are called for by the international community to fight corruption and evolve a frame work which can recognise the causes of corruption, evolve principles, institutions, structures and laws to deliver greater accountability in functioning without compromising the democratic principles or the fabric of the respective States.

Director CBI said the Bureau has played a major role in unearthing huge economic and financial frauds and in seizure and confiscation of the property of the corrupt from abroad, which was acquired through corrupt means. The organization has been able to recover stolen assets from abroad at short notice, extradite offenders and prosecute them successfully in the competent court of law.

Amar Pratap Singh said he strongly recommends creation of an Asset Recovery Knowledge Centre which would bring out articles, case studies, technical publications and good practices being followed in various countries in this regard, and added that the CBI Academy may act as a knowledge centre for this purpose.

The five day  Global Programme (November 19-23, 2012) was attended by over 29 participants from nine countries, including Maldives, Malaysia, Fiji, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Nepal. Senior officers of the Interpol also participated. There were 14 Sessions which were addressed by Experts from Interpol, CBI, NIA, FBI, World Bank, Europol, CFSL and other Law enforcement organisations.


Friday, November 23, 2012