INTL. TSG: Address legitimate grievances of Tibetan people


Dharamsala, November 18, 2012: The International Tibet Support Groups have pledged to mobilise the international community to press the Chinese government to find a lasting and mutually-agreeable solution to the problem of Tibet.

The TSG members expressed solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet for their unwavering determination and commitment to non-violence. They said the responsibility for this crisis lies with China’s past leaders and their failed policies over the last 60 years. They called on China’s new leaders to take immediate steps to address the legitimate grievances of the Tibetan people, recognising that a peaceful resolution is in the best interests of both the Tibetans and the Chinese people.

“We renew our commitment to work together and in cooperation with Tibetan organisations and Chinese human rights defenders around the world in pursuit of a political solution to the Tibet issue consistent with international human rights standards,” the TSG members said.

Over 200 members of the Tibet Support Groups (TSG), including 20 Chinese delegates, from 43 countries carried out extensive discussions to find ways to end the self-immolation crisis in Tibet during their three-day special meeting in Dharamsala, which concluded on Sunday.

Sunday, November 18, 2012