Holly Elissa Bruno, Harward Alumni and Dr Natalie Seer, Stanford University, visit Hyderabad


Be An Indian When you are in India, proves this adage is Holly Elissa Bruno, Early Child Educationist from USA, who was in Hyderabad for a seminar. She is also an Harward Alumni.

Hyderabad, January 27, 2016: We Indian dont care much about our culture. But, lot of foreigners falling flat on our culture. Many foreigners have seen falling flat to Indian culture and tradition, coming here and getting married in our rich culture.  Some foreigners seen wearing Dhoti and Saree the typical Indian costumes.  But most of Indian youth shy away from those robes.
Proving the adage that Be Indian, when you are in India are foreign dignitaries, who are currently touring Hyderabad. They are Holly Elissa Bruno, and Dr. Natalie Seer, Director, Rainbow School & Pe4per Tree, Stanford University. Both are Early Childhood Educators from USA. While Holly is a Harward Alumni, Dr. Natalie Seer is working with the most prestigious University, Stanford University.
Both these early childhood professionals were in city today and tomorrow as faculty at a especially curated workshop for India for the first time for Early Childhood Professionals. The Two Day Certificate Leadership Workshop for Childhood Professionals is being held at Hotel Fortune Vallabha at Road No 12, Banjara Hills
Both these professional bought Indian Chudidar, Bangles.  Got Mehendi done on their hands.  They have also bought ear rings, bangles made themselves a totally Indian. 
Namaste they say and begin their conversation in Indian way respectfully. Both of them have come to Hyderabad first time.  They liked the city. They enjoyed the hospitality of the people here.
They are happy to have visited the city which has hosted Queen Elizabeth, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Kofi Annan, Tony Blair and most powerful people like them.
We know India is rich in its culture and tradition. We not only what to know that rich culture and tradition, we want to feel and enjoy, that why you see us in these Indian clothes and accessories, they said. 
It is true when in Rome, do as the Romans do. That is the best way of connecting with local people and their culture. We must learn a lot from these two dignitaries. 
Wednesday, January 27, 2016