"Grand daddy of all scams" Says SAD


Chandigarh, August 18- Punjab Chief Minister and Shiromani Akali Dal Patron-in-Chief, Parkash Singh Badal today questioned the moral authority and propriety of the UPA government remaining a custodian of country's assets "for even one more day", and said that it was no longer safe for the country and the people to keep their precious resources and hard earned wealth in the hands of this government." It is people's money and people's future which is being looted in such broad daylight. At stake is not only our present but also the destiny of our coming generations. What is being enacted before the country is a robber's dream and a common man's nightmare."

Reacting to the multi-lakh crore 'Coalgate' and other scams of the UPA government exposed by what he described as "a constitutional, unbiased and credible authority like the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG)" ,  Badal said that things have now reached a point where this government can no longer be trusted with  the country's wealth and its future. It impinges even on the security of the country. "

 In a statement here, the Chief Minister said that the report tabled in the Parliament on Friday, by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) holding the UPA government responsible for illegitimate largesse of Rs 1.86 lakh crore to private firms  made it clear that there is no one in the government who treats himself as a conscientious trustee of the assets of the country and the wealth of its people.

The latest estimation of loss was much higher than the notional loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crore to the state exchequer due to non auction of the 2G Spectrum in 2008 by the UPA government.

The Chief Minister said that the CAG report has vindicated the stand of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) that the largesse to big houses and favorites were the reason behind the  anti-poor and pro rich policies of the present Union government. Pointing out that all these scams affect not only the prosperity but even the security of the country,    Badal said that by scams like 2G and CWG, those in the UPA have amassed huge wealth, which could have duly helped in ensuring development and security of the country for coming several decades.

The CAG report has clearly established that that loss to the country's exchequer could have been prevented, had the government chose to auction the blocks through transparent  and competitive bidding instead of handing them down on the recommendations of a committee chaired by Coal Secretary.

Making a scathing attack on the UPA government, the Chief Minister said that due to rampant corruption and misdeeds the tenure of UPA government has virtually became a synonym of scams and scandals, which have become the order of the day. Mr Badal said that the history of the country would ever remember the UPA-I and UPA-II as the most corrupt governments of the nation.

SAD President and Dy CM’s Reaction:

Meanwhile, SAD President and Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal described latest scam to hit the UPA government as "Grand Daddy of all Scams."The SAD chief said that the UPA government was behaving more like a usurper than a custodian of country's wealth. "The UPA, government should go. And when it is gone, it would be remembered only  for its scams of mind boggling magnitude and "surrogate" leadership. "There is not a single positive achievement this government would be remembered for.

They have been looting the country like the East India Company. They must not be allowed to remain in charge of the country's wealth any longer," said the Deputy Chief Minister. "How much more filth of corruption will this country have to face before this government goes?"  he asked

Saturday, August 18, 2012