Fresh Master Plan up to 2050 be prepared for Ludhiana city: Architects


Ludhiana, August 11, 2012: Rapid Urbanism and spatial management - the theme for the Architect Meet underscored the importance of careful planning to avoid the pitfalls of indiscriminate urban expansion. As more of the population gravitates towards our cities, the optimum management of rapidly declining usable spaces becomes paramount. Architects of today have to skillfully navigate their way to the desired social goals of sustainability and responsibility.

Well known Architect of India, Namita Singh of Satnam Namita Associates gave presentation on   “Juxtaposing order and symmetry of Naval Forces with randomness of nature and creating sustainable architecture”. Her presentation was excellent and was liked by everyone present in the seminar. The magnitude of the project, she did in Kerala was very big.

Sanjay Goel, Secretary- All India Young Architects Committee of IIA- Mumbai spoke on “Current problems and suggestions of Ludhiana city”.

The presentation was short but yet it was in detail covering everything about Ludhiana including traffic congestion, bad roads, unplanned fly-overs, still existing railway crossings, lack of green spaces, existing problems of Airport / Bus stand / Railway Station, Problems of water supply / drainage, Encroachments, involvement of multiple agencies in slow development of city, Pollution of Air / Water / Noise etc, Nuisance of Autos, Delayed Metro Planning, Negligible number of Local buses, Pending projects like Lakkar bridge flyover, Indoor Stadium, Covering of Buddha Nallah, Ring Road, Cleaning of Buddha Nallah, Sidhwan Canal. were also explained and discussed in detail w.r.t. solutions.

It was observed that there must be single agency like Ludhiana Metropolitan Authority, instead of so many existing agencies for better development of Ludhiana.

“Fresh Master Plan up to 2050 must be prepared, free from any political, public pressure, only then we can make our city healthy and beautiful”, said Goel.



Saturday, August 11, 2012