Daylong Wellness Conclave with aim to reinforce awareness about living healthy lifestyle held


Adnan Sami, Kavita Dutt, Nidhi Swarup, Namita Gautam.
photo: city air news

Hyderabad, December 6, 2016: Singer, musician, music composer, pianist and actor Adnan Sami inaugurated a full day “WELLNESS CONCLAVE” here in city today.

The proactive wellbeing conclave-"WellnessRules", the fifth in series was organized by SAARC Chamber Women Entrepreneurs Council, FICCI YFLO, and Sleepwell Foundation.

Speaking in conversation with Dr. Rubina Mittal on “The Game Changer, a Holistic Wellness Journey”, the Sultan of Music who can play 35 different types of musical instruments said the greatest lesson he learnt in life was the journey he went through losing weight.

My father was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in 1989. Since then he was fighting with cancer and finally succumbed to it in 2009. During one of those years while on a Medical checkup in London, he insisted that I must also got the check up done. When i got checked up myself, the doctor pronounced given my medical condition, I wouldn’t survive long. It was said on the face of my father. Who subsequently told me that he wouldn’t want me to die before him. That one word made me determine shed that weight. I was 230 kgs then. I worked hard on it. I lost 160 kgs in six years. Losing weight was 80 per cent psychological and 20 per cent physical. I made that psychological decision and I could achieve, he said while addressing media personnel on the sidelines of the Wellness Congress.

Earlier in conversation with Dr. Rubina Mittal, while answering factors that pulled him to opt for Indian citizenship, Adnan Sami Khan said, he lived in India for 17 years. India is my Kharma Bhoomi. I lived in various countries. But, my heart was always in India, due to the love showered on me by the people. I had my own ups and downs in getting Indian citizenship. But, ultimately I got it and I am happy about it, he said. I like India he said. My love is here. I am a proud Indian, he proudly announced.

He also sang few numbers and enthralled 250 plus audience in the hall with his melodious songs--- Musafir hoon yaaron from Parichay film; Kabhi To Nazar Milao, kabhi to karibh aao….from Kabhi To Nazar Milao from his own Album and in the end he sang the most famous number Bhar Do Jholi Meri from recently released Bajrangi Bhaijaan film.

Earlier giving her welcome address Kavitha Dutt Chitturi, the Vice Chairman of SAARC Chamber Women Entrepreneurs Council(SCWEC) said ”the Wellness Rules Conclave would go a long way in promoting the message of Proactive Wellness especially among women entrepreneurs as it is a fundamental to successfully managing both professional and personal life”

Speaking on the occasion, V. L. Indira Dutta, Past Chairperson of SCWEC said in the past only fitness equipment people knew was bicycle. Today, things have changed. Fitness has become million and billion dollars business. Ready to use Wellness and Fitness Centers have sprang up everywhere. Talking about fitness has become a fashion now so much so that work-out wear has become a fashion. Forget about work-out equipment. The dress worn to these work-outs is a fashion now she said.

Speaking on the occasion, Namita Gautam, Managing Trustee, Sleepwell Foundation who has conceptualized the Wellness Conclave said, the Hyderabad event was the fifth in the series. Four other were held in different cities in India.

“The objective of the Well-Being Conclave was to inform and inspire participants regarding the imperative of adopting PROACTIVE WELLNESS, as the only effective antidote to the lifestyle transformations that we are experiencing today’, she said.

Pullela Gopichand, National Badminton Coach; Sridevi Jasti Holistic Nutritionist and Vesna Pericevic Jacob, Wellness Expert and Motivational Speaker addressed the gathering on Physical Wellness. Gopichand shared his journey of ups and downs as a player and also while setting up the academy.

Sridevi Jasti said, your health is what you eat. Eat well, live long, she informed. Vesna Pericevic said, those who are fit physically are the ones fit mentally.

Author and Civil Rights Activist—Binalakshmi Nepram from Manipur who got recognition for her armed violence reduction said 45 million people live in North East India. Nearly 272 ethnic groups live there and speak about 400 different languages. Manipur once a kingdom today is home for insurgent movement. Jawaharlal Nehru termed Manipur as Switzerland of India. And explained her struggle against armed violence as many young girls were killed. She said Manipur women know for silky hair and fair colour have become objects of sex. This must end, she said. Nation building can’t happen just by singing national anthem, she said.

Arvinder J. Singh, Corporate Trainer & Psychotherapist told her audience to be mindful about the stories and labels they put to their children. Choose your stories carefully. Be different. Don’t do different things, she told them.

You don’t be right always. But, be kind always, she told them. If you want to change your thoughts, please change your actions, she informed them.

Fitness freak and Fashion Designer Shilpa Reddy said wellness means it is not how long you live. But the healthy choices you make for fulfilling your life. Today we are applying more mind than ever before. We pack many things into our lives. Our days are packed full of events. We don’t have time for ourselves. We are overeating than what we are supposed to eat. We are not working in an integrated manner. India offers many choices of food. Use only locally grown food items. Reduce carbon foot print. Help local economic activity. Consume locally grown food items, she told them.

Prof Sunaina Singh, Vice Chancellor of EFLU, was the Guest of Honour and delivered key note address at the concluding session. She said Indian culture is about holistic persona. Follow it and you don’t have to work extra board, she said. Women are more creative. They are very good managers, she told. Wellness is all about mind. Let us celebrate womanhood she announced.

Rene Singh and AvniSethi, Performing Artists gave demo of soulful music, dance and spiritual wellness towards the end of the program.

The Conclave aimed to reinforce the awareness about living a healthy lifestyle and the essential changes and choices in our daily lives which can be critical in determining our health and lifespan.

All of us, as individuals and collectively as the society, are going through a phase of lifestyle transformation, which has affected our well-being adversely. There is only one solution to all our problems— Proactive Wellness, informed Ms. Nidhi Swarup, Chairperson of YFLO.

Wellness of body, mind, intellect and spirit are critical, Nidhi informed.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016