CPI holds public meeting at Sidhwan Bet

Author(s): City Air NewsLudhiana, December 3, 2019: In a public meeting organised by the Communist Party of India at Sidhwan Bet, the speakers warned that on one side rights and interests of the farmers, the agriculture labour, workers...

CPI holds public meeting at Sidhwan Bet
CPI holds public meeting at Sidhwan Bet

Ludhiana, December 3, 2019: In a public meeting organised by the Communist Party of India at Sidhwan Bet, the speakers warned that on one side rights and interests of the farmers, the agriculture labour, workers and small entrepreneurs are being compromised, on the other side the basic tenets of our constitution are being eroded in a systematic way.

The farmers are in deep economic crisis because of the policies of the government. As a result many of them have committed suicide even in the state of Punjab which is said to be a prosperous state and with high per capita agriculture production. The promises of debt waiver to the farmers have not been fulfilled but the big corporate are being given such waivers in lakhs of crores. Even the flood affected farmers have not been given genuine relief. Agricultural produce is purchased from the farmers at throw away prices but it is sold at a very high price in the market. The speakers pointed out that high onion prices are a result of hoarding and faulty policies of the government.

It would be wrong to blame only the farmers for the pollution without sorting out their grievances the speakers pointed out. The farmers understand that by burning the stubble they are doubly affected; On one side their health is affected on the other fertility of soil goes down. But they do not have any alternative in the wake of economic crisis. The equipment like happy seeder are very expensive and unaffordable for majority of them. If the government gives a bonus of Rs. 100 per quintal to each farmer, the problem of burning of paddy straw can be settled to a large extent.

Residential plots for many agriculture labourer is still a dream. Old age and widow pension to the amount of Rs.750 per month is a cruel joke. It should be minimum Rs.6000 per month. After the entry of big business in retail sector, small entrepreneurs and shop keepers are at receiving end. Condition of workers is the worst. Labour laws are being changed to the benefit of the corporates. Contract labour is being introduced everywhere without any security or service benefit.

There is rampant unemployment and our youth is either going abroad or falling prey to drugs. What to talk of any remedial steps by the government, on the contrary, the government is out to destroy the basic tenets of our constitution. This is apparent in the events at JNU where there is sudden rise in tuition fees and other charges which will lead to denial of admission to many students from poor sections. This is happening everywhere right from school education to the higher education. The health sector too is sold out to the corporates causing extreme difficulty to the people in accessing health care facilities. Government schemes are unable to fulfill the requirements pushing 5.5 crore people below poverty line because of out of pocket expenses on health.

The way the BJP tried to form government in Maharashtra has thoroughly exposed conspiratorial approach of the RSS and its outfits. They have let down the status of the Governor and even the President.

All these have to be challenged through mass struggles. Others who addressed include Comrades D P Maur – District Secretary, Dr Arun Mitra-Asstt. Secretary, Gulzar Gorea-General Secretary Bhartiya Khet Mazdoor Union, M S Bhatia-Face Secretary, Gurnam Sidhu, S P Singh. Com Gurnam Singh Bahadarke-Block Secretary appealed to the people to get united for mass movements. The families of Veteran comrades who struggled throughout their life for the cause of people were honoured. Jagseer Sigh Deeda and his team presented revolutionary songs on the occasion.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019