Come And Help Us: Toor


Ludhiana, August 21, 2012: Deputy Commissioner of Police, Gurpreet Singh Toor has asked people to cooperate police in checking smuggling and consumption of drugs and narcotics.

Addressing a press conference here today, he admitted that this menace existed despite concrete efforts made by police to check it. He told that they immediately act following receipt of the information from general masses.

Citing an example, he told that he gave two telephonic calls from anonymous informers about this menace in the Dehlon area, He said complete secrecy about the informer was kept by them.

Toor who had been addressing a press conference regarding the arrest of two narcotics smugglers from whom smack worth Rs. 33 lakh had been recovered, said anybody could provide them information on telephones No.7837018502 and 9814788707.

Replying to a question, he told that they had observed that mostly the rural areas were affected. Besides, areas located in outskirts were also affected, he said, adding these areas included Salem Tabri, Shimlapuri and Subhash Nagar.

Further, he told that they had observed that in most of the crime cases such as snatchings, drug addicts were involved. He believed that crime could not be checked till menace of drug addiction was checked. He further believed that a drug addict really needed medical assistance and counseling. He told that they would also be approaching the city hospitals to cooperate to the police in extending medical assistance and counseling to drug addicts.

He revealed that majority of the drug addicts were the youths who consumed either narcotics or chemical drugs. Still, there were commoners and aged people who were in such kind of practice. He said people should get united against this social evil and start giving tip-off to police about anti-social activities.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012