CAN SPECIAL: Is rain boon or curse for Ludhianvis?


Ludhiana, August 19, 2012: Is rain boon or curse for Ludhianvis. This question strikes in the minds of local residents whenever rain takes place.

What to speak of low-lying areas even roads and passages in posh localities are seen flooded.

One of the worst affected areas includes roads around Damoria Bridge. Rain water mixed with dirty water gets accumulated at this place. Pedestrians and also those driving two-wheelers and four- wheelers find it difficult to cross over this hell-like area. Most of the time two-wheelers get faulty after they try to pass from this area during and after the rain.

This has been happening over the period. But, the authorities concerned seem to be sleeping. It looks as if they are not concerned with the local residents.

Today also, there was a similar situation (watch a video clip with this story).

There is a growing demand that Ludhiana Deputy Commissioner should intervene in the matter, so that a permanent solution could be found to properly drain the rain water on roads around Damoria Bridge on priority basis followed by a similar action in other areas.

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